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possibly limited time only
pretty much whoville without
the scrunched up noses.. but,
no promises about the grinch.

Christmas is forever,
not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself.
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welcome to decemberville, a place to spend your holiday season warm and with loved ones.
1. no favorite; no acceptance. [ upvotes are loved but not mandatory. ]
2. This is nonau, so you're an idol, but feel free to have full range of your muse.
3. everyone is allowed here; no restrictions.
4. we don't ask for much, just use the rooms; please.
5. anything is allowed with the permission of your rp partner; however, we are trying to aim for a moderately drama free rp. keep that in private rooms and walls.
6. is allowed in rated rooms ( all walls/pm ofc. ) + children are allowed, as well.
7. no dating ban, hell, it's christmas time, go wild.
8. we don't have many rules so have fun, but remember to be respectful and mindful of others.
when you join, you get a roommate; make friends. if there is an issue and you, for some reason, cannot share a cabin with them, pm the main admin.
Unlimited muses; however, there is an inactivity date. if you become in active on your 3rd/so on muse, it will be deactivated. you can get it back, though.
full name
no password; have fun, loves! uwu


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jeonha 1 day ago
could you put jongin on hiatus until the 26th please.
jj4everlove 2 days ago
Can I be Park Jihyo of Twice?
justr_ 3 days ago
WannaOne’s Jaehwan for me uwu
neocultured 3 days ago
Add and reserve Mark Lee, please
Oxytocin 4 days ago
may I reserve kim minseok (xiumin) please?
Duckphrodite 5 days ago
Can i cc ?
Duckphrodite 5 days ago
Ziruza Tasmagambetova please^^
ddaisy 1 week ago
Jennie kim pls? If I'm not mistaken she's not on the m/l rip or I'm blind
taipei 1 week ago
yang jeongin, please.
ethereum 1 week ago
bae suzy for me please :")
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