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Admin(s)cactuar and -uaena
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Sorbet is often served as a palate cleanser after a meal course. It is light, refreshing, meant to clean the taste buds of a heavier flavor. we hope to offer the same kind of refreshment here at sorbet. a sweet, chill, fun and maybe fruity non-au focused on positive vibes, new friendships, and openness to new experiences. if you need something sweet and simple in your life, give sorbet a try!
rules & apply
Favorite the RP. Upvotes are loved but not required.
Comment the full name of your desired muse. 2nd characters require 250 points, 3rd characters require 500 points, 4th characters require 1000 points, and 5th characters require 2000 points. Any characters desired after that (6th, 7th, etc.) are allowed but with the understanding that no inactive warnings will be given to any characters held by people with more than 5 characters, they will simply be kicked. Reservations will last 24 hours.
Crack is strictly discouraged and all OOC communication must be distinguished in some way (e.g. [in brackets]).
While IC drama is encouraged when plotted, drama is to be kept out of the main chat, and there is to be no OOC drama anywhere.
Do your best to include everyone! If you notice someone come in, say hello and be courteous.
There's no dating ban here, just be reasonable. Marriage and (all) pregnancy is allowed, but again please be reasonable.
activity is set to 10 days. if the inactive sign appears, you will receive one warning with 24 hours to clear the sign. if the inactive sign appears again within 10 days of the warning, you'll be kicked.
Please PM the main admin if you need a (semi-)hiatus.
Password is your favorite flavor of ice cream/sherbet/sorbet.
Please comment when leaving the RP.
full name shin seunghoon
group/career noir
age 25
timezone gmt -8
password see the rules
cactuar — kim Junsu
main admin
-uaena — Lee Jieun
username — Admin Name
username — Admin Name
username — Admin Name


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acuteassmess 2 weeks ago
sorry for the inactivity, jia left ;;
asphuxia 2 weeks ago
hao gtg bestest luck <3
saltedcaramel 3 weeks ago
minji left, thanks for having me :)
AriaSparks 3 weeks ago
suji is leaving ;; thank you for accepting me here. all the best to you guys :')
monsuta 3 weeks ago
subin left, sorry ;;
tykawa 3 weeks ago
may i have kang seulgi please?
pendejo 3 weeks ago
leaving christian, thank you!
ethereum 3 weeks ago
ari is leaving
Thank u for having me
pickles 4 weeks ago
-uaena [A] 4 weeks ago
✓ despite the influx of “leaving” comments, this place is still active, with rping going on. don’t be afraid or put off❢
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