⟲ REWIND ⟲ A 2000-2013 based rp! #theoldies EXID/2NE1/EXILE MEMBERS THIRSTED FOR

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Yeah, you.


Welcome to Rewind!


If you're an rpr veteran, you've already got this in the bag. If you're not, you've still got this. :')

As mentioned in the title, Rewind was created to bring back all your favorite groups and idols of the 2000's and early 2010's (2000-2013, to be specific). We here to spread love, knowledge, and gr8 music.

The overall style is based off of the old version of roleplayrepublic, meaning, the rooms and masterlist are set up as you would have seen them in the past. If your desired character is not already listed, just drop a comment.

*Find the rules in the rule room*

If you have any further inquiries, feel free to comment those below as well.


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fridayschild 3 days ago
shulli left
nabongs 5 days ago
yeol left
byeona 1 week ago
Jongin dipped. Thank you.
woogie 2 weeks ago
jaebum’s taking his leave. thank you for having me, and good luck with the revamp. much love.
kitramos 3 weeks ago
Hey there are you still accepting? also is this au or nonau?
ILoveHyunBin_ 3 weeks ago
Youngguk left
you_did_well 3 weeks ago
still accepting?
-nagisa 4 weeks ago
Motomura Aoi please!
koromaru 1 month ago
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unrevealed 1 month ago
seolhyun left, ty for the great time <3
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