↱ i love you like ↲ ⇝new⇜ temporary nonau ⇒ for the folks who just wanna chill and talk ⇒ maybe even rp a little ⇐ ready to welcome you ♫ cause I luv you like ♫ first ten ppl get 100pts

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u all
I love you like
I love you like
rhap·sod·ic; /răp-sŏd′ĭk/ ; adj. Immoderately impassioned or enthusiastic; ecstatic
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With each group that enters, i will give a tour of the rp, hopefully, you don't mind it. 

first ten people will receive 100 points, it is up to you if you want it immediately or later on or kept on record do inform hani (me)

I want groups that deserve it to receive as much love and recognition as possible so a room will be created for such. each week a new group will be added for recognition
1.treat people how you wish to be treated.
2. give love  
3. talk to everyone as much as possible. 4. roleplaying is fine of course but this is nonau.
5. this place is temporary, but if ppl love it i will keep it,
6. pw: name your favorite girl group and bias in that group.
7. if anyone wants any specific aspect added do tell either kang mina or ahn heeyeon(hani) and I will take it into consideration.
8. PM an admin if leaving or needing of a semi or full hiatus
9. 2 charas allowed naturally, 500pts for 3rd chara, and 1000pts for more. internationals are allowed, all orientations are welcomed
10. don't ualize the minors
11. have fun and enjoy
ps. i love you
full name
group or occupation
password pt.1
pw2: compliment your actual self


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shoganai 1 month ago
Chaeyoung is leaving
i will see you around, softies band ♥
SatinDoll_LXIX 2 months ago
Sorry dahye left
DoneWithYou 2 months ago
Dae is leaving
unrevealed 2 months ago
Doyoung left it was funny fun see ya around uwu
neutrali 2 months ago
Yuri left. Thanks for having me!
floraison 2 months ago
jisoo left
niwakaame 2 months ago
naeun and jimin dipped - thank you for having us !
acuteassmess 2 months ago
i forgot to tell the admin but ester left, i'm sorry ;;
yeonin 2 months ago
who y’all want as female
unrevealed 2 months ago
OKAY i k ow now kim dongyoung aka doyoung
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