⇢ Bᴏᴍʙóɴ ᵈᵒᵗ ᶜᵒᵐ |for now- join us? | yes or yes?

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The Year of bombón!
A girls only rp
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the year of bombón!

HELLO ♡. as the title said, this is going to be a girls only rp! yes! you read it right! its a house only for girls existed in korean industry♡ be kind and generous to everyone. o/ lets get wild, have a girls night out and pillow talks together!. There is no specific rules as long as you respect each other. a crack like rp that allows everything as long as the other party is comfortable unu. Drop down your desire chara below and lets start wilding-..

dec 20, 2018. Day. 00:00.



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Mikhun 5 months ago
kim yerim pls
da-rin 5 months ago
park kyungri, pretty please!
untress 5 months ago
red velvet's irene for me plz
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