❀ s e e d l i n g ✕ the rebirth of never ending— 122818「you will have the chance to bloom once the snow clears」✕ admin searching! ❀

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very low crack
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first we were moderob, then we were never ending. welcome to seedling, a place of rebirth. not only of the past to roleplays leading up to this - but hopefully for this site. if you're tired and museless because of crack rps, then you've come to a safe haven here. though for you crazy folk, there is a special place here for you too. we strive to be ohana afterall. for softness, detailed works and more - join seedling now!
one) we do not tolerate user chasing here. you don't have to get like everyone, and friendships develop, but please getting along with each other and don't purposely ignore someone.

two) ooc drama is a fat no. keep ic drama to a minimum and make sure all parties are consenting to the drama you wanna start.

three) love is love. but this is not a rp. it will get limited if a boyxboy takeover happens!

four) keep your ooc chatter in designated ooc rooms. use [] {} () when you need to! this is a nonau with low crack, please try to stay in character as good as you can.

five) should stay on walls and in pms. or there may be certain rated rooms for it (likes houses).

six) move in couples are fine, but everyone else has a 5 day dating ban. marriage and pregnancy is for 20+ year old face claims only! and no mpreg-

seven) we accept asian internationals, but realisitically - just know they may not understand korean all that well. because again - this is nonau.

eight) please do not join if you are just going to stay quiet. we don't need 24/7 activity, but we don't want tumbleweeds either!

nine) please reply to your reserving comment to state that you are leaving. do not make a new comment, we want that section clean~

break any of these rules 3 times, and you are out!
there is no application. just please comment below the full name& stage name + group/occupation.

2 characters are allowed right now, but they can not be from the same group!

please do not make a habit of ccing! if you cc, you'll have to start all over with friendships/relationships and what have you.


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svtwnonbts 4 days ago
momo left.
grandpa 2 weeks ago
Wu Yifan, please.
sway_ldh 3 weeks ago
3JSB’s Ryuji pls
Poppitycorn 3 weeks ago
Ninety one's bala please
flamingo [A] 3 weeks ago
❀ Read everything before joining ! ❀
GOTH-HIME 3 weeks ago
loona's olivia hye please
Duckphrodite 3 weeks ago
Ziruza Tasmagambetova please
neutrali 3 weeks ago
Ahem- may I reserve Kim Seokjin?
Thank you!
chrysalism [A] 3 weeks ago
bts jungkook and can I help admin?
ookamishouju 3 weeks ago
Pls reserve Irene of Red Velvet for me. Thank you~
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