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— guidelines
— 001. general rules. favourite the rp before applying, upvotes are optional but appreciated。

— 002. this is nonau! crack is allowed as well as all orientations and races are welcome。

— 003. unlimited characters 4 everyone. each must be from different groups, but no clones :< first come first serve. you can get your first 3 characters on the spot - after all of your 3 characters have 300 pts, you can request for new ones as much as you want。

— 004. inactivity is set to 14 days (psst that's 2 weeks). after 2 weeks, you may be kicked from your character. or not. maybe. who knows. pls be active。

— 005. no dating ban, move-in couples welcome, go wild. pw is "worldstar"。

— 006. please notify an admin when you are going on hiatus - 2 months max. 。

— 007. have fun!!。
— how to join
— 001. use the form below. the password is in the guidelines。


— 003. 上ロコ検図アムサ就会べ百生うざもレ督海クがひん携詳真子よりるド支43馬ウスヨ止携ごなほ更雑チナモ改手なま神贈主ルちつけ。

— 004. 上ロコ検図アムサ就会べ百生うざもレ督海クがひん携詳真子よりるド支43馬ウスヨ止携ごなほ更雑チナモ改手なま神贈主ルちつけ。

— 005. 上ロコ検図アムサ就会べ百生うざもレ督海クがひん携詳真子よりるド支43馬ウスヨ止携ごなほ更雑チナモ改手なま神贈主ルちつけ。


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jirrijirri 1 day ago
eunchae has left
you_did_well 3 days ago
jisoo left
Senpaiii 3 days ago
I'm sorry but Seungmin and Yugyeom will be leaving, I've steadily been losing muse for them. It was fun while it lasted! Thank your for all the love and memories
kookiesnmilk 3 days ago
sorry but wheein is dipping!
I enjoyed it here!
almokyung 4 days ago
sorry jieun left
nabongs 4 days ago
nayeon left
you_did_well 5 days ago
dropped seulgi.
jirrijirri 5 days ago
chenle and chaekyung have left
smolbean- 6 days ago
Sorry but Taemin will be leaving, it was fun while it lasted
peptobismol 6 days ago
left felix
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