BTS ROLEPLAY,,, welcome hugs and kisses from jungoo✨♥️

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join me in a bts rp? non-au and very a lil ty :3 i swear im nice and will defo bite because you look like a snack.

ok ill stop now..hopefully you're interested to join this lil bunny. hope to rp with you soon!


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ZoomyButterfly 3 months ago
Can I be Jimin, Yoongi, or Hoseok?
Tataebae 7 months ago
wait is everyone taken now?
ely-xions 7 months ago
can I apply as Jimin?
Wolfcat 7 months ago
Here’s the link for this rp, only we’ve done it up because our admin is inactive and has been for a very long time.
lovelybunny 7 months ago
Changing from Jimin to Tae...

Wahh so hard><
lovelybunny 7 months ago
Torn between Tae, jimin and Jhope haha
shinyechan 8 months ago
could i apply for yoongi?
pinkcrayon 8 months ago
If no one has Namjoon
I’d like to apply!
-bangster 8 months ago
is jimin still available?
if so, i would love to apply as him
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