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Whats a time to remember without the things that'll turn it to one? without the people that make it one? of course, nothing! the sole importantance of this place is your chance to stir up as many great times, fun, dramatic, sad, happy and just damn picture perfect moments. here, at auto ma tick! its all destined to happen.




1. Favorite the roleplay before or after commenting, upvotes will return the gift of 10 points upon arrival!

2. this is only, sowweh girls!! mpreg, ic drama, crack in chat room is allowed. keep in mind, this is a nonau so you are the characters! keep the ooc drama in the devils closet or one warning before you get the boot.

3. anime, manga, manhwa, manhua characters is all allowed, oc's and genderbends as well, just any male characters. reservations now  last for 48 hours then the character will be deleted. 

4. we highhhly encourage roleplaying in rooms, yas we wanna see some great ideas play out! 

5. if leaving, pm head admin ( uta ) and do not post leaving comments or they will be removed. and for good demons sake, do not hog up characters! if you apply and fail to interact with others within 4-5 days, you will receive a warning before the boot!

6. you are allowed two free characters! for a third you must have 250 points. you can cc after reaching 500 points. the inactivity will show up after two weeks /14 days/ then you'll receive one warning, if you fail to reply within 24 hours, the boot! we do accept returns.

7. moving couples are allowed, so whats ya fav color.

8. theres literally nothing better than feeling welcomed, so interact and talk to each other, you might be meeting your new best friend .. or boyfriend..

9. if you have any concerns, questions, ideas for the roleplay's improvement or more, plzz come to any of the admins. 

Now, let the fun begin!

Posted on the 8th of February 2019


Application Form:

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Age  ||
Password ||

Updated on the 5th of February 2019


Wish List:

 KUROO : kenma kozume (!!), tsukishima kei (!!), lev haiba (!!), and the rest of haikyuu, Aot, free esp haruka and nagisa, and uhh i cant think anymore but more peeople!

 MASAKI: Athe tsurune guys esp minato

 KEI: Yamagachi tadashi because who else can I complain to

 SHIRO: Voltron characters, esp Shiro's canon husband, Sidon from Zelda, My Hero Academia boys, Baki characters

 BAN: Meliodas so I can fight- /shot And other seven deadly sins folk

 AOBA: Yes hi hello dramatical murder so I can invite them to my wedding oknolmaoo but dmmd complete please

HIBIKI: tenshouin eichi!!!!!! and rei sakuma !!!!!!!!!!!!! and the rest of enstars !!! 

Updated on the 9th of February 2019


Featured Members:

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Updated on the 5th of February 2019



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neggeoya 3 days ago
could I have clear reserved please
hidenseek 5 days ago
Can you help me pick either nishinoya, yaku or clear? I can't handle two charas so I need to choose only one for now..;;
ayumi13 1 week ago
Holy-this is interesting
Omg did I see ppl take hetian and guanshan
I have the urgency to join
SkyLuciel 1 week ago
Your ad on my wall bring me here! 0/
Am i blind or is tokyo ghoul's kaneki ken available?
ongnable 1 week ago
I’m caught between tsukishima and guanshan could you guys ask who’s wanted more
bluebelle 1 week ago
Am I able to change my reservation from Hayato to Kirishima Ayato please?
DarkxHeartxDisaster 1 week ago
please tell me you have Sasuke available... even if yu don't i'm still interested.
Senpaiii 1 week ago
Could I get Monday from H&H?
bluebelle 1 week ago
Lowkey waiting for something like this!!!
Shinomiya Hayato please!
ididntdoit 1 week ago
weLL fUuk me IMREADY! kuroko tetsuya for me babaies
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