➥ INANITY ᵃ ˢᵒᶠᶠ ʷʰᵒˡᵉˢᵒᵐᵉ ʳᵖ ✕ closed! we've moved uwu

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created by kaliforhnia.
Lmao not youngblood 2.0 but another rp - a soff one at that. usual description with all my other rps; this is a place to destress (or maybe this will give you more stress idk). a place to chill and relax after your long day; we don't need drama here xd
positive, good vibes here only! meant to be soff but we shall see how we fair with that gjhskhfg we're going to be wild (look at the admin line and tell me how to serious) so buckle up and yeeet if you aren't ready or join if you think you can handle us ghksdgkf
#one: favourite the rp before commenting for a character. upvotes are not mandatory but we greatly appreciate them uwu
#two: rsvp lasts 24 hrs so make it fast. up to 12 (lol) characters. first 3 are free, the rest will be given after a 2 days stay in the rp. + before requesting for your other charas, make sure (all) your prev charas have 100 points. max 2 characters from the same group unless the group has only 4 (or less) members; eg blackpink, mamamoo. internationals are welcomed! 
#three: love wins, all orientations, but tone the homo down a little for the straights out there :^)
#four: no dating bans, no marriage bans - idk how to feel about pregnancy but ig if you think you're ready. moved in couples welcomed but do remember to talk to everyone else!
#five: inactivity set at 7 days (yes, a week). you'd be alerted only once before you're yeeted. + get your points to 50 within a day once you've joined; failure to do so would result in an automatic boot (without warning).
#six: comment in the "requests" room if you need a hiatus / semi hiatus. max 3 weeks hiatus and 4 weeks semi hiatus. 
#seven: usual drill, no ooc drama here, keep your issues out of here or settle them privately like adults. this is a wholesome rp so keep your on walls or pms, none of it in the rooms. mind the minors too. be friendly and welcoming to everyone and ofc have fun!
application form.
full name: eg jeon jungkook.
group: eg bts.
timezone: eg gmt+8.
orientation: eg hetero.
password: eg paraphrase 2 rules.
featured members.
updates / events.
games \ ac.
kinda like a mini event. ac in the form of games so that we can bring everyone in the rp closer together.
details keep to 3 lines max. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
details keep to 3 lines max. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
b-bauler ► gmt+8
jeon jungkook
boujee ► gmt+10
kim chungha
chaotic mum ► gmt-8
lee siyeon
co admin ► tz
co admin ► tz


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witsmols [A] 3 weeks ago

if you wish to join us, we've moved to inanity 2.0; here:
hiexcuseme 3 weeks ago
me : sees the rp
also me : sees "closed"
also me : so can I sneak in here okno
witsmols [A] 3 weeks ago
➥ c l o s e d
we'd return soon with a revamp :"0
PaboEunMi 1 month ago
Can you add and reserve Park Shin Hye please?
baekhosbubblebutt 1 month ago
monsta X's Wonho please?
xxsweetdestinyxx 1 month ago
Leaving Jinki and Yukyung. Need to focus on my wellbeing and will come back once things are better. Thank you for having me.
captainmeow 2 months ago
pops confetti, featured alas
baby-groot 2 months ago
can i get jang dahye
shinyechan 2 months ago
should i get yoo yongha or park sungwon?
witsmols [A] 2 months ago
park sooyoung 10 minutes ago Reply
to any new non members that come across this chat because inanity is featured: i’m single and ready to mingle so if u wanna date someone that gives ok hugs and really wants to date someone: hit me up :^)
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