# ᴡɪʟᴅ, ғᴏʀ ᴇxᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ! ㅤ :ㅤkinda crack, kinda chill h0es; join for bbuing bbuing and soff fruits badges!  ✕ we play games but we hate on winners! ✕  jung hoseok. 2 seconds ago Reply i kNew it tHis was a au rp

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one : make sure to favorite the roleplay before you apply for your character. Upvotes are very much appreciated, but not required.
two : no OOC drama fam, let's keep it chill and get along at least publicly. You don't gotta like someone or even everyone, but you also don't have to start . If we see drama, you get one warning before you're kicked.
three : Move-in couples are also allowed, but you have to mention that in your comment or your app. Please state your partner and the date you got together.
four : we accept people of all orientations. We also allow regular pregnancies, and we allow marriages of all types. What we do not allow, aside from drama, is public (you can keep that confined to walls, rated rooms, or pms) and internationals.
five : The password is one of the rules paraphrased, and is also your favorite song.
six : Inactivity is set at 5 days. You will receive one warning before you get kicked.
seven : We welcome legitimate roleplaying and would like for you to use the rp rooms to actually rp, but really we just want you to interact with people in general. Don't be afraid to message people via rooms, walls, and pms. Just have fun with it.
eight : you are allowed three characters total. You may get your second character after being in the roleplay for 3 days and after reaching 400 points, third character only allowed if you adverse the rp with a blog or bring a new member.
nine : the leaving comments will be eventaully deleted, so if you are leaving better contact an admin.
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wild, for example。
wild, for example。
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etoile 1 month ago
nahee and hyungwon dipped, thank for the memories
unrevealed 2 months ago
Yeji and honghong left, thank you for everything, stay awesome ♡
BabyRose 2 months ago
Hey! I would like to request a hiatus for chungha probably a month since i'm getting busy with exams :(
igoholic 2 months ago
choi beomgyu or han jisung fjskf;
bichomalo 2 months ago
can I apply for ahn hyejin since she is inactive?
thalassophile 2 months ago
can I get lee soohyuk? uwu
euphrosyne 2 months ago
i'm ready for my third c:
vinstel 2 months ago
Lee luda please!
chottomatte 2 months ago
Yoo Sung Oh jsy
hissra 2 months ago
Hanbin could use a hiatus -
My internet went out and although I can still access it on mobile it’s a pain in the and doesn’t work half the time. I’ll be around when I can but I’m not sure how frequently that will be until I get it resolved.
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