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+ about us
그 제목은 잔나비의 새 앨범에서 영감을 받아 바로 나왔다. welcome to together. a place to make everyone feel at home. we are all in this together. it is our job to make sure everyone does not feel left out. ever feel sad or lonely? you don't have to feel lonely anymore, because you have us. we are friends, a family. we are together as one.
+ sicheng
+ wooseok
+ admin
+ admin
+ updates
150319/ grand opening. 
+ est. 150319
+ open & accepting
+ guidelines
001. favorite the roleplay and upvotes are optional, but grateful. 002. two character per person and must have 200 pts to have a second chara. 003. twelve days is set for inactivity. you have three warnings and then you're out. 004. refrain from face-chasing or biased replies, drama, inappropiate behavior, etc. let's try to keep this a nice, clean environment for everyone. pass is 'ooh ooh ah ahh'  005. activity checks are two times a month. 006.don't hesitate to pm the admins, if you have any concern. welcome to  'together' < 3
+ how to join
001. full name (ex: dong sicheng) 
002. group  (ex: nct)
003. orientation (ex: biual)
004. timezone (ex: gmt -5)
005. password (in the rules)
make sure you have your app filled correctly.
+ events
none at the moment. welcome to 'together' <3
+ wishlist
name. wishes.
name. wishes.
+ featured


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flamingo 5 days ago
kim sihyeon please
niwakaame 5 days ago
park jimin pretty pls
yxgurt 6 days ago
jung jaehyun pls
_________ 6 days ago
lee mijoo please
bxttxm 6 days ago
hwang hyunjin please
nunchi 6 days ago
Jeon Jungkook pls
angelcode 6 days ago
jennie kim?
ongniel 6 days ago
choi yeojun please?
navigation 6 days ago
can you add and reserve seo yeji pls
rascal 6 days ago
shim seungeun pls!
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