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"CWTCH" ( prounounced as 'kutch')




With that said, welcome home to cwtch.

please do check out:
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the final yeeting
cwtch 3.0
The final yeeting
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section ╱ moodboard and prompt
featured moodboard (theme: blue):

© kim minju (seagulll)

featured prompt (theme: ocean):

‘mon océan gris’

the dawn has come and 
i'm still here
waiting for you to come back
you, who is dear
i sit all night, day after day
wishing for your footprints
to be seen on the sand grains
there was no point
like how endless this deep water
goes beyond the horizon
but you told me
"i won't"
and i believed it
like how the waves crashes on the shore
time after time
i can't seem to find my way home anymore
as the stream went up to my feet
my tears fell down my cheeks
there was no point
but you told me
"i'm here"
so i sat and waited
until you adhere
these promises you have yet to keep
the ocean became my pulse
the rising and falling
as if it was in rhythm 
with my own
i felt safe
but i also felt alone
knees to my chest
arms around my legs
as my tears began to fall without mercy
my feet were cold
and all i could think off 
was your presence with me
but you're not here
you told me you won't 
and yet you did
so this is what it feels
the sunrise
the water
the sand
and the feelings i'm carrying
they were all for naught
but please, tell me
i'm still waiting
like a shell waiting for the water
to be taken back into the deep
this was supposed
to be my home
our home
beautiful colors painted the sky
and the seducing canvas of blue
the ocean was wonderful
but my ocean is a million shades of gray
without you like the old photographs
and not a colorful fairytale
and now you ultimately faded
like how the writings on the sand
disappeared with the waves
so i buried my face
in my arms
but my feelings..
i wish i could do the same

© song yuqi (hxrdcore)
section ╱ testimonials (reasons to join cwtch)
cwtch 3

1. cha eunwoo (colgate)

why I like cwtch: it makes me drop my uwus.
why you should join cwtch: because of the uwus.
uwu? uwu yes uwu overload. 

plus everyone is adorable and it's a great ohana to be apart of yes.

2. shin yuna (killerchrome)

ok so why I like cwtch is that I actually feel at home here and if you're not in cwtch yet, wHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON THE MOST WELCOMING AND FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE SO LIKE GET YOUR ASSES HERE OK OK

3. fu jing (pickles)

i like it cos it's active and people are quite nice 
y'all should join because we need more girls lmao

4. min yoongi (pinkbabyfaery)

I love and highly enjoy cwtch because of the people and all the fun and friendliness this place has and everyone should join because we're fam goals - e w e

5. park jimin (pinksandsweets)

I love this place because its one of those few places where admins actually try to uhhh like hold games to interact and events also. I really love the news section. I enjoy reading that o u o and everyone is friendly and so active. though its bad for my quick fried brain asdgjla

6. park jisung (-fairybread)

i love cwtch because uhhh the people are lit, the admins are lit too! i feel very comfy in here, very homey. people should just try harder so they'll get my point. uwu

7. brittany o grady (acuteassmess)

i love cwtch because it's filled with cute and sweet asf ppl here esp the admins. i actually feel at home here and hasn't once felt any awkward so i hope this rp lasts for a long time!

8. lee gahyeon (catastrophy)

okay lets be serious rn. i love cwtch because i have no other places to love and because only with you guys i can feel like i'm home yeah and eventhough all around me familiar faces but i never get bored because cwtch has always been mu numero uno ohana and i dont even own a second and also because the admin teams efforts in making this a comfy and fun place for everyone, how can u not love cwtch tbh- even when you still wondering how to pronounce le name right or even when you already know how to pronounce le name but still go with C.W.T.C.H just bcs, you gotta love this place ! and i love this place uwu

9. won kunhang (xuxiii)

I'm dead tired. so ... 

I love this place cause of it's ease environment and welcoming people.

10. joo eojin (krooks)

I don’t really know cwtch- since i just got here. 

but based on the huge announcement i think i admire the admins’ commitment to the rp.

11. kim mingyu (febreze)

You! Yes You! 
I am talking to you, stop turning around smh.

You should join cwtch because you wont find a roleplay this wholesome and friendly anywhere else. I can 100% garauntee that I am speaking truth and truth only because i ve been part of cwtch since the og days.
The admins are amazing- i think ya ll already know the amount of work and effort they put for all of us, including events which are rare on this site.
There is plenty of rooms if ya wanna roleplay, gaming rooms if you are a big fan of waswas like me and many other miscs to keep you entertained.
Also- i am here tf. hit up my wall if you wanna have some good time or you can call me @1-800-MINGYUOPPA ;* 


12. park sooyoung (etoile)

hoho cwtch is another home i would come back all the time like where can you find this kind of family that can derp around with you? i love yall literally love so much

13. jeon doyum (wonyoung)

hi cwtch is that sort of rp that like never dies in ur heart sdjd like.. i am a little dead on this site right now but even with the last cwtch, after it died i'd still go and check in there when i have time, and it's the exact same thing now but it's ALIVE and alive is fun! join a loud mess that's like family yes uwu worth your time 10000/10 would recommend

14. kim minju (seagull)

cwtch is definitely a safe space and a second home in my opinion. uwu

I usually do the dippity dip in most roleplays but this nonau is definitely something that you can not dip away from easily. everyone is cute, friendly and everyone here is a family. it makes me have a big phat UWU. Cwtch is certainly a place that is just full of UWUs.

The admins work so hard and put so much effort to this place. They definitely deserve lots of love and I appreciate all of them. uwu

The members are so friendly and so funny. They all make this place feel like a second family to me. Just being here makes all my stress and frustrations go away.

Cwtch is such a fun place and deserves so much if not even more appreciation and love. uwu

Like I said, the members and the admins are very open and nonjudgmental. 
I believe that, though Cwtch is a great nonau, it is the people here that makes Cwtch berry BERRY special. uwu

15. kang hyewon (clovers)

everyone i've met here is super sweet and adorable ( *`ω´) people here are friendly and did i mention hilarious and being here is really enjoyable because of all the fun stuff that happens. please give this rp a chance because you'll love it for sure!

16. kwon soonyoung (bxttxm)

i love the admin team so much. they try their best and it really shows. they don’t deserve hate or anything when they really are great. no one is perfect but you guys are the closest thing to it!!

17. kim minseok (raikou)

cwtch is genuinely a golden place, y’all reading this room come join and you literally with be showered with crazy love. the admins are phenomenal, absolutely amazing. they always give out their best, and that really does affect the rp in a positive manner.

the effort that’s put into rp-ing through events but also have casual chats in the chat room balances cwtch as maybe one of the best non au rps out there. heart arms at everyone and admins. y’all amazing mwuah.

18. song yuqi (hxrdcore)

honestly, what are you doing if you're not here? u w u j oin the army and spread uwus all over. there's not a reason you shouldn't join because y'all be having a great time. das it. no fancy words. jUS T jOIN. admins are amazing wyd j.o.i.n.

19. jeon heejin (achelois)

do i need to do this again or can i just cp my past confessional from the other cwtch sjshsh okno uwu jk

i love cwtch bcs cwtch loves me too. cwtch loves everyone, and everyone loves cwtch. although this place might be super chaotic sometimes, still, it's truly a safe place that provides us with a family that will constantly be there no matter what.

this place is super lit. not just the chatroom, but the events, the ideas, the games, the everything, you wont regret joining cwtch bcs no matter who you are, this place has something for you. (admin team, y'all earn a star from this girl over here cuz y'all brilliant loveable wussies)

we dont care who you are or how you got in here, once you're here, you're already automatically part of the ohana. there are no outcasts in this place, only family; and family means that no one gets left behind or forgotten.

thank u.

20. jung wheein (moderato)

uwu this place has many different types of people who rp differently or act differently but we all get along great which i find amazing. this rp really does accept all and makes you feel comfortable to be who you are. the support system here is beyond compare. if you ever have a problem, anyone would be willing to help you. it's so loving and heartwarming while also being able to be fun or serious. i've talked with many people and have thoroughly enjoyed being here. the admins are doing a great job with this rp, props to you and keep up the good work! ❤

21. jeon jungkook (andalasia)

dAbS it's been over a year since i first joined the cwtch fambam back in 1.0, and it's been a long journey since then. by now, it's safe to say that i love everything about cwtch from the admins to the aesthetics to the effort it takes to maintain all the rooms and host the events to, ultimately, all the members, friends new and old, both those i've known for months and those who i'm more than happy to meet soon in the upcoming days. even though i've been busy since the start of cwtch 3.0, i don't feel very left out because everyone is so nice, and i don't feel a kind of pressure to fit in because it's such a friendly and heartwarming atmosphere. the admin team do so much to keep this place fun and running, and i'm not always sentimental, but i really want to say thank you to them for making this happen as well as to our members. thank you for being an amazing family to me, and i really hope anyone who reads this will feel free to join. feel loved, feel safe, this is your safe place and we'll love you ❤

22. han jisung (juncheollie)

i've only been here when 3.0 opened but! i like that i feel that this is a place where i can stay and make new friends as everyone here are really nice and hilarious. i'll make more time to be here so i can create lots of memories with yall and also have fun.
cwtch is an awesome place with precious and supportive people, and i'm glad i'm now apart of it, thank you you-know-who i'm really grateful for you muAH and to all the admins and people here too!! you're doing amazing.

23. kim doyeon (facebook)

i love cwtch since they provide rooms for those who like to write and be more literate despite being a pretty cracky rp. i really admire the admins’ dedication to this place as they’re willing to revamp it as many times as they want to. the people here are really chill and easy talk to so it’s easy to mingle with people you’re not really close to. overall, it’s just an an excellent rp and people should definitely give it a shot.

24. kim woojin (einzbern)

this place filled with awesome people
while its true that sometimes I feel lost and ignored but everyone is nice and fun to get along with when i stayed in more. not to mention the craziness here lol

25. kim junmyeon (paboeunmi)

It has been long sincei joined in so my words would be based on the time i have spend so far. This is definitely an active rp that i really appreciated. A bit fast paced but thats definitely a plus for me. Everyone seems friendly and its nice to see all the admins engaging in the events. 
Well.. more appreciation will come once i spend more time.

26. tom holland (hobbit)

i just joined but it's lit already skrt skrt

27. seo soojin (saintpepsi)

can’t say much about this place tbh but so far this place seems legit. too organized and that’s good uhh yea ewe ask me when it’s been a couple of months.

28. yanny yi (hatake)

Been here since the beginning of cwtch and never been disappointed with thr outcome although there may have been minor setbacks...
This place is still alive and kicking so I'm proud of them. Some admins may be ugly cough tae cough. But overall everyone is nice and welcoming here.

29. im changkyun (lowercase)

its been a total of 0.0002 seconds since ive joined but everyone seems approachable and friendly and the rp screams crazy but the good kind

30. ahn heeyeon (ladouex)

i just joined yesterday and i’m still new so I really don’t know how friendly or what the attitudes of the people inside this rp are, but I can totally feel the vibe of being a family in here as well as the essence of rping.

cwtch 2

1. choi seungcheol (-fairybrea

rpers should join cwtch because it is a fun place, despite the huge betrayal issues caused by waswas. waswas also what made cwtch special. this place became 50% family and 50% betrayal island lmao- i gained a lot of friends here before the place die down but i am here again to keep this place alive and gain more friends. because i LIKE/LOVE cwtch AYE-

2. chou tzuyu (ohwoahlotto)

cwtch is a mess but it's a fun, happy, and welcoming mess with weird family trees that lobes you and will accept you bc lets be real we're all trash here

3. son seungwan (sxudxde)

join cwtch pls we gReAt wE cOoL wE a dOpE fAmiLia we also crack SMOKE WHEAT ERRDAY and also either dying or ded inside but really this place gr10 100/100 would recommend i cri idk how to make testimonials
but fr tho this place is really great and like the admins talk to everyone and treat everybody like fam mainly bc joining = adoption too but y eah you get it

4. choi yujin (-trashcan)

hEnLo i wOuLd liKe tO wiTnEsS. yEs hi wELcoMe tO cWtCh tEehEe, we're your litty but semi-not-so-semi illiterate bois. 10 in 10 people you meet here has probably inhaled weed before entering the chatrooms and most likely dropped themselves; we're wildt and crazy, the best people you'll meet. cwtch is home to awesome people who are secretly sNaKes when it comes to wAswaS (don't trust anyone—not even your dog—when it comes to this game) bUt yknOw they're friendly and a gReAt fAmiLia. iN tHiS hOusEhOLd, wE liKe to 420 but also be more of a mess than we already are when it comes to events. would write an entire essay but i'm currently brain dead,,, like every other moment i live :"D but the main point is, you won't regret coming here bc the admins are great and so are the people. sure, you'll end up procrastinating and getting caught up in the chatroom, but this is also the place where special memories are born,,, oof that was hella cheese but anyways :"D cOme oN oVEr aNd jOin.

5. lee donghyuk (-meraki)

100 second elevator pitch aka rapping in a single breath:
join cwtch to join an(? a?) ohana (even if that ohana sometimes 'accidentally' kills you because, you know, winning in waswas is priority numero uno :< jkno); join cwtch for amazing events planned by even more amazing admins with the friendliest hoomans who actually participate /crying emoji PINK heart emoji/; join cwtch to make memories that will last (tHroWbaCk to tRIvIA night(s), zombies and ships, casting magic, mAZES, hATiNG tHE dICE rOLL etcetc); join cwtch for memes, for song recommendations, for hugs and pets and love and more love <3
join cwtch bc the admins are dedicated beyond anything i've experienced, because its filled with some of the warmest hoomans i've had the pleasure to meet; join bc in the midst of the crack is a heart of gold uwu

6. yoo kihyun (angrykiwi)

people should join cwtch because it is filled with the craziest, loveliest people that are all lowkey insane shhh. not to mention an amazing admin team that comes up with some pretty a+++ events that are fun for everyoooone. and yes, we may all be ssssNaKeS but we're snakes that love each other. so join if you wanna be smothered in love. and chicken nuggets, courtesy of mckihyun ᵘʷᵘ

7. song yuqi (collywobbles)

y'all should just join cwtch bcs this place is a dank place bcS we co oL and fulL of mEmes and vi ne references. we al s o do some soff here if y'all into that ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ if you're lucky and have some time to kill, y'all can probs join waswas and find out who are the true sneks in it bcs w e loVe wreck i n g relationshiPs :"D (donttrustanyoneinwaswasyahearme). ovEraLl,,, cwtch is just a wonderful place in its own chaotic self uwu d d d dAbs

8. hirai momo (saintpepsi)

uh i honestly don’t know what makes this place special, nor can i say i love it here uwu buuuut people are chill and welcoming to everyone so why not give it try? if things don’t work out, just click the ‘leave character’ button(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ty gbye

9. wong vivian (hucklberry)

fiRST OF ALL, WHERE TO EVEN START BXKSNSJSNSJ aside from the fact that the admin line consists mostly of my beloved fam lmAO idk, something about this place just makes it feel so much like home you can join in mid-conversation and a minute later you'd be laughing about the same thing too we're the right amount of cracky (read: 10000000%) and the right amount of lovable peeps here are vvvv awesome and lovely and i honestly just really love this place and how much i can be myself in here everyone loves everyone uwu PLUS WE HAVE WASWAS WE HAVE THE LOVELY OHANA WE HAVE VINES AND MEMES AND ZOMBIES TOO APPARENTLY VII WILL GIVE Y'ALL FREE COOKIES TOO UWU p.s. if you want to keep your relationships with people intact and healthy, never play waswas tyvm trust me y'all gon regretti spaghetti

10. lee jooheon (grilledcheese)

i only joined a few days ago but i really like this place. it's always hella active and very fun. literally everyone talks to you if you post in the groups!

11. mark lee (eristic)

well why people should join cwtch is because its more a family than an rp at this point. no matter how inactive or slow it gets, we all still return and chill like it was just another normal day. it's always chaotic here but still warm and comfortable for everyone to fit in !! and the admins are incredibly hardworking at making us feel that by all the events and games planned. their devotion in this place is impeccable so we all should do them a favor in return by keeping it alive and healthy uwu

12. alycia debnam-carey (bloodbath)

I love it here because I always feel welcome and whenever I drop into the chat (even if it isn't that often) people always greet me and do the most notto leave people out ♡ so yeah, y'all should join because you'll make lots of lovely friends uwu

13. kim jaehwan (soonyoung)

i just got off a sudden disappearance and i came back but you really should join this place bc
cho miyeon11:08:55 PM
choi seungcheol11:20:05 PM Reply
seo changbin [A] 7 seconds ago Reply
lee yoonji [A]00:18:10Reply jaehwan's dp, a++++++++++++++++++++++++

in cwtch you get these kinda treatment like you just pop outta nowhere like a stranger and go aye and they're like ayeeee and then you're part of the fam again. this rp is gucci and if you don't like it here i can understand but ???? why hate when you can love ???????? and i know you probably weren't here before but their hogwarts event last time really got me wheezi n g so if you don't join you have to eat spaghetti to forgetti your regretti and i'll be upsetti seeing you wasting your spaghetti so come join us and don't be a wasted confetti :D bye idk

14. yoo shiah (struggling)

if you ask me about the biggest factor as to why i love cwtch it'd be the people tbh. they're all so friendly and i honestly think it's one of the rps where people don't really go in, ,,, cliques or stuff like that. you go sneeze in chat and everyone will say bless you or even fart and they'll just go " ayE MAN " shdhdhbs. i've been here since ver 1 i think ???? and really, everyone's still so adorable hhhh. people should join because we need more peeps to join the fam !! (p.s. just dont get into any fam tree tbh you dont make sense of that here eeK) alSO SHOUTOUT TO ADMINS ily all you always do your best (esp having multi charas teach me ur ways) hhhh I LOVE CWTCH IN GENERAL and that's saying smth bc i don't usually say i love certain rps but ye woohoo am i still making sense bye

15. ha sooyoung (communism)

he aves anyways people should join cwtch because the people can be wild yet chill at the same time. lots of cute crack charas such as the doggos, gatos, and raptors inhibit the rp, and they’re pretty fun to interact with. also we have fun games like the last letter game and waswas (my personal favorite tbh). and last, but not least, you get blessed by the yvesus! o u o ok so why i like cwtch; although i was dead here for like the first few months i was here bc other rps and real life stuff and , the people here are pretty welcoming regardless and i actually do feel like a part of the fambam. also the people here are rEaLLy fun omf like there’s not a boring moment with y’all. i treasure you all in my kokoro uwu

16. jang wonyoung (minhyun)

to be honest, my memory is terrible so i can't give a beautiful and nice explanation like everyone else, but i remember feeling happy when i was here and it was just generally fun because at least one person would notice you doing something at any time! and that helps a lot of nice friendships and things like that bloom.

17. baek yebin (scarlettt)

why i like cwtch ? its easier to reason about why i hate veggies tbh but lemme try. okay first, i've been here since version 1 and trust me, once you in you can never go out. this place is magic or more like the bermuda triangle and the triangle is actually le admins kno. i've went mia for like a few times and always, i always thought that i won't be coming back again to rpr but boi i thought wrong. this place got me hooked and the fam tho, from the big big fam to the smol smol fam, we're gucci gang ftw. uknow that feeling when you're sooo done with life but you also know theres always a place that you could come back to. yeah normal people would call it a home but we call it cwtch. this place is a home to almost all of us. no matter how long you go mia, you can always come back again and people gonna be like yO man sup waSwasS legO. but seriously, people should join the fam bcs mang, we gotta share all the good good things nah. and we have wASWAS YOU CAN NEVER PLAY WASWAS IF ITS NOT IN CWTCH BELEAF ME !!! and doesnt matter how many times you feel like killing someone while you're in the game, you know you love em all. laSt but not leAst, big thank you to the admins for all their hardworks in keeping this place aliVe and healthY < 3 xoxo


people should join cwtch besides for it being active, you can truly sense the friendliness compared to some other rps, and it’s really a banging place (though i’m hiding 99% of the time)


cwtch is very interesting and is one of the few nonau rps that has actually done rping events and things. everyone here is nice and very friendly to newcomers and it’s easy to make friends here. the admins also are very hardworking and you can see their sincerity.


cwtch is very interesting and is one of the few nonau rps that has actually done rping events and things. everyone here is nice and very friendly to newcomers and it’s easy to make friends here. the admins also are very hardworking and you can see their sincerity.

21. cwtch is a unique place that's withstood the test of time, which is a big feat here on rpr! there are people who actually engage in all aspects of rpr itself, whether it be games and social interaction, to actually roleplaying (which is hard to find anywhere these days). though it has definitely become a resting giant on rpr, which i say because of its wild post count, it hasn't deteriorated in its sense of close knit relationships and overall aura. it's an accepting place full of exciting people!


what i like about the rp is that well honestly i love the people :^) it can get a bit crazy at times but meh what's life without any craziness ya know? the peeps are so friendly tbh and nice and well very welcoming yush


Have u looked at the fking admin line. they are the rpr's f4.

Disclaimer: " safe c̶h̶a̶o̶t̶i̶c̶ place "


i am known as king kook aka the ruler of cwtch and i can 10/10 confidently confirm that we are one big loving family that's a little dumb sometimes but issok, that's our charm. this place is not only a home for waswas but also a home for anyone and everyone who genuinely hopes to meet new friends and have fun and join in all of the chaos. we may be a big place and in all honesty, we may not be for all the hoomans out there, but if you're wiling to socialize and be open to all of the friendships awaiting for you in our little safe haven, come join us and we'll definitely open you with welcoming arms. three cheers for cwtch! and an early good luck for waswas for you because you'll need it ;-)


Why people should join here? Well no doubt, this place is like a family and of course there are those random crazy moments (its shocking at times but it never fail to make my day). Cwtch is special bcs what, this is cwtch where i found my comfort zone basically. Its more than just an rp to me, and of course it holds a special spot in my heart. Do we need reason to like something. I just like being here lmao.


Let's see.. besides my crazy family is currently living and running the place which is actually a cool thing coz they are one of the awesome admins that I know. Everybody can crack but it can get serious too, just a balance of the two(or more on crack tbh lol). You can be yourself and run wild crazy free, everyone is friendly and welcoming. What i love the most too are the events(my fav is the potter themed event) and the games(lots of it) you won't even be lonely in playing games coz most of the people are ready to join. I may pop in and out like a mushroom but this place holds a special place in my kokoro. oohh. Cheesy much but yeah i at this so peace out!


yall should join cwtch bc waswas and why tf not. also cwtch = yes pls join we a fun fam dasright yeboi is this long enough yet


y’kno you should join when there’s fam and also games here. we like socialise but ew responsibilities, we also love procrastination cuz wtf life. join here and you could taste waswas where you can see top 10 anime betrayal s lmao is this one good nuf


Join cwtch bcuz it's lit and you can snag 100x charas and no one will saying anything,they wont even question it. Games r litty and ig fam toO.


y'all i left the chat for like 1 minute and they're alr wildin' nANI– anyways if you love active wild chaotic rps feel free to come here.... i also need a gf so uhm ye hmu (yerry)


join or i attack ur village > : [ it very fun place would 12/10 recommend- hella y ppl everywhere uwu
section ╱ updates
grand-opening / 220319
dan! dan! daaaan! it's the grand reopening of cwtch! we're back for the third and last time, now how about you join in and make new memories with us, yeah? let's give it all to the final yeeting! and oh look! it's spring! sky blue and pink in your area.
featured / 300319
we give our very thanks to all our members and to all the people that supported the rp! we love you all uwu
hide&seek event / 040419
wee woo wee woo! admins joined in the rp with their second accounts, they're now hiding among the cwtchzitens! let's see if ya'll can figure out on who's who, play along and answer riddles, do tasks and many more to get the hints!
cwtchogwarts / 140419
back at it again with this event! a grand event for all to come and join in! come on, we know you want to especially when you're a potterhead.
revamped / 070619
summer has come and spring is gone, time to revamp and have new colors! from soft colors to warm colors.
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soonyoung 1 year ago
donghyun and sejin left shdjdh ily guys gluck uwu
acuteassmess 1 year ago
im sorry but brittany left ;; + give yall the best of luck
smallraindrops 1 year ago
is nct yuta available?
unbothered 1 year ago
Jennie's bounced, thank you so much for having me!
aisling 1 year ago
why did i just found out about this i c ri omG
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hihi taemin's time was short here but i'll have to take my leave. see you guys next time maybe!
shiber 1 year ago
i guess it’s time
can i have park jiwon e:u as a second
matryoshka [A] 1 year ago
❁ — checked eue
SJV1144 1 year ago
can yuvin pls be cced to lee juyeon
thank you :3
tweedledee 1 year ago
may i have krystal cced to kim minji aka jiu of dreamcatcher? uwu
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