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It’s year 2050 and technology continues to lead the world better than ever. With many academies establishing themselves to serve different interests of today’s youths, WeTuber Academy is the most successful known globally amongst aspiring digital content creators. Here at our academy, we welcome you with open arms to master the skills of filming, animating, editing, lighting, audio, and special effects.

Furthermore, we provide various opportunities to promote your content through numerous marketing strategies to increase viewers count for you. Additionally, we use our connections to allow you to collaborate with other youtubers under our academy to help build a larger audience. Join us for a 1 year academy of free knowledge, free living space, free marketing, and become a great youtuber now! First password is your favorite youtuber. 
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+ song mino
+ kim jongin
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join here and his friend jongdae as they stroll around the streets of south korea. 
featured youtuber
who says hani can't finish it? watch her tackle a 20 pound noodles bowl within 10 minutes.
reccomended video
jin brought a friend this time. watch them struggle to create a three course meal within an hour.
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I'm not into cats. i do not have a ual relationship with my  cat. i do not have romantic feelings for my cat. my cat is just my pet. i wasn't going to an apology video but you guys keep spamming me so here is my clarification. please stop assuming. 
Just because I said I dislike scorpios in my previous video, it does not mean I hate them. There is a difference between dislike and hate. 
Hey guys! I'm running out of games to play so please feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments. I'd really appreciate it!  
how to become a  youtuber
1. First and foremost, I’d like to make it clear that this concept is time consuming on both admins and roleplayers so if you are not able to commit, this au is not for you. Second, this rp is meant to bring out your creativity so it you don’t have plans on investing in a bit of time and effort, this rp is not for you.

2. Now, if you’re still interested, favorite the roleplay. Give us an upvote if you think we deserve it later on.

3. Reservations last for 12 hours. You may not reserve for a friend. Reservation extensions are not allowed unless granted special permission by main admin after special circumstances.

4. Minors and deceased idols are not allowed. Internationals and inactive celebrities are.

5. Inactivity is set to 6 days. Despite this being an au, it will be set short because it is an interactive based rp. You will receive one warning and will be kicked out if you do not respond within 24 hours. We have a system that will track your inactivity; once you hit 3 inactives/3 kicks, you will get a time out from re-entering the rp for 1 week.

6. Hiatus may extend to 2 weeks and semi-hiatus 3 weeks. You may only ask for a hiatus and/or semi-hiatus once a month. Simply leave the rp if you find you can not make time for us.

7. To obtain a second character, you must post a blog about this rp. The character cannot be from the same group as your first. For your third, your second must have 200 points and your main must have 400 points.

8. OOC drama will not be tolerated by any means. Warnings will not be given. You will be kicked and banned from entering the roleplay. However, we love and encourage IC drama. Additionally, if you receive too many warnings about being OOC several times IN IC ROOMS, warnings will result to kicking.

9. You can only cc twice. Please be mindful that the act of you being indecisive results in extra work for the admins.

10. This is an interactive/socializing based rp. Please do not join if you don’t plan to take part in these activities. Furthermore, please do not be a wallflower or stick to pm rps upon joining. second pw is what you look for in a roleplay.

11. Dating ban will last for 1 week. This is an au. We expect you to take your time to interact with everyone before getting together with someone. Move-ins are not allowed.

12. If you are leaving, pm an admin before doing so. Comments will be deleted. If you leave without notifying an admin and decide to come back within hours, we will not accept you back for breaking our guidelines.
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(Birth name or stage name)
(you can alter your muse’s age 5 below or 5 above. You can also give them whichever birth date you would like. Reason for this is because we’ll have some channels that are astrological based and they might want to alter it for their content.)
(Heteroual, homoual, or biual. No panual, aual, etc)
(Please do not lie about your timezone for the sake of your own fun.)
Writing style preference
(1st, script, para, multi-para, novella, 3rd, etc)
Type of youtuber: (pick one for main)
(Examples: review, lifestyle, tea/drama, mukbang, asmr, astrology, makeup guru, song/dance covers, gaming, vlogging, fashion, diy, talk show, etc. Feel free to come up with your own)
Channel name
(Does not have to be your character’s name. No profanity, special characters in name. Must be 20 characters or less.)
(Min of 3 lines)
(Please put in any usernames if you'd like us to avoid pairing you up with them. We ask this because people will be grouped together for dorms. Any additional comments you'd like the admin to know may also go here.)
(There are 2. Goodluck.)
Reccomended channel for you
vlog | watch me learn new stunts
hey guys, short video today but someone suggested in the comments i should film myself practicing new stunts since you guys usually see them when they're perfect. 
Reccomended channel for you
Proposing To My Girlfriend
It's here! I'm finally proposing to my girlfriend. this is a vlog which films the whole process of me preparing for the proposal and i got her reaction on film! 


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sarangharu22 1 month ago
May you please add & reserve Krystal Jung for me?
Keisetsu 1 month ago
I'm so very interested in your RP and would like to join, but... that's a lot of info to digest, hopefully won't take me long to apply.

Can I join this awesome community as Luhan?
ahgassi 1 month ago
could you please add and reserve kiko mizuhara for me? thanks in advance!
TokidokiHelloKitty 1 month ago
congrats on being most upvoted
snowdrops 2 months ago
ahh, congrats for the feature! well-deserved!
superstarrrr 2 months ago
this is so cool *^*
kageyamatobio 2 months ago
Yongguk needs a 3 week hiatus. Thank you.
Acrylic 2 months ago
Can I have HyunA please?
Acrylic 2 months ago
So I was thinking... AOA's Choa or Jimin?
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