8 мaĸeѕ 1 тeaм - an aтeez only rp

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8 Makes 1 Team.
Welcome to 8 Makes 1 Team, where Ateez members gather to have fun! Remember that this is an ATEEZ ONLY RP. Come join the group as an Ateez member and let your wild imagination run around.
This RP is a no-limits RP.  This means any sort of AU plotting is allowed under the rooms listed as AU.  NonAU is also allowed in rooms listed under NonAU. (Each will have their own section/group).
Currently accepting apps for:

1. This is an ATEEZ ONLY RP! This means that the only muses allowed are the 8 members of ATEEZ. 
2. Comment for reservations in case multiple people are interested in applying for the same muse.  Only 1 character allowed. 
3. All triggering plots should stay within the Trigger Room. 
4. All OOC stays in the OOC and Spam rooms. All OOC comments must be in brackets if posted in any IC rooms.
5. NO OOC DRAMA please. If I see  anyone causing any OOC Drama, you will receive 1 strike/warning.  If I see it again, you will be removed from the RP. IC Drama is allowed as long as everyone involved has been notified and are fully aware.
6. Password is your top Ateez pairing.
7. Inactivity is set for 10 days. Once you're inactive, there will be 1 warning and you 24 hours to get rid of the inactivity sign. If you fail to remove the sign, you will be removed fromt the rp. You will be welcomed back though.
8. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!
Password: (Find in the rules)
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vanitas 10 months ago
Will be dropping Jongho, had a great time here!
sehngel [A] 11 months ago
We are complete!
d24e8ec480220e04beb7 11 months ago
EtherealMoonlight 11 months ago
can i take yunho pls? uwu
fightnight 1 year ago
might I take the open wooyoung?
sehngel [A] 1 year ago
wooyoung is up for grabs
sehngel [A] 1 year ago
We’re complete! No apps will be accepted :)
-crescendo 1 year ago
May i come back as Wooyoung?
sehngel [A] 1 year ago
Wooyoung is up for grabs
d24e8ec480220e04beb7 1 year ago
can i reserve seonghwa?
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