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about The Hotel

Hello and welcome to EROS&AMORE Hotel the place creatures can come and relax themselves and have fun however they please.

The hotel is based on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere, no one will know how they ended up on the island or how they even got there. While others will volunteer their time to be there.

The island is far away from any other civilized places and concluded in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but water all around the island.

This Hotel allows any creatures to come and go as they please where they won't have to worry about the war between creatures or the hunters after them ever again. Though there are those very few older ones who will hold a grudge and try to fight no matter the race or era.

There are master and slaves here the master will be the ones who have the higher class and can go around as they please. while the slaves are lower class creatures who can go to certain places around the island..

There will be a Bi weekly  slave auction for the unlucky creature’s who became slaves. but no worries you will be able to free yourself and don't have to worry about being auctioned off.


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1. Any orientation and gender's allowed,

2.  Subscribeing to the rp is a must, upvote is greatly appreciated

3. Only 3 characters per soul you will need at least 300 points each chara 
4. You have seven days until youre counted as inactive we will give a total of 3 warnings

5. If you leave PM an admin please

6. No OOC Drama, if there is any OOC drama bring it to an admin in PM

7.  Password is favorite song

8. No Face Chasing!!!
9.  IC drama is allowed and encouraged
10. Beating, , Blood play, all of that is allowed BUT ONLY if both parties agree. Just no killing or killing yourself
11. Comment the creature you desire and who you want to be
12. Talk to everyone don't be baised and only talk to one or two people
13. After being excepted go to the Roll of fate room and roll the dice to see if you will be a master or slave
14. Last but not least have fun and enjoy!!!
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Amberflame 4 days ago
Kyuhyun and Hyukjae are leaving, I've lost muse for them sorry ♡
Duckphrodite 5 days ago
Kim seokwoo pls
dduddulov3 6 days ago
jisoo and lisa are gonna head out
tysm for having me! <333 had a great time!
--____-- 6 days ago
may I have jeon jungkook pls!
FrostCaster 1 week ago
Jeongsu is leaving sorry
RinYukituji 1 week ago
Kim Ryeowook and Zhu Zhengting will be leaving. Thank you for the time here, I enjoyed it. <3
MagicalTracker 1 week ago
Is this rp active?
kitramos 2 weeks ago
Hello I'm interested in Joining Lee Jinsol please.
Mikhun 2 weeks ago
Can I have Choi Heechu as my third pls?
Cutaepie 2 weeks ago
Can I get Jeonghan added as a shapeshifter for my second character please?
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