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heads up 

welcome to persona! a nonau roleplay where only bts members are allowed! 



rules + htj 

1. fave the rp or you won't be accepted unu

2. a roleplay. no mpreg tho. 

inactive for 2 days? you’ll be kicked out without warning unu you agreed to be active when applying for your fc!.

4. no ooc drama. everyone is too busy to be dealing with this kind of in their life tbh. ic drama though? go right ahead. just let your partner know what's up.

5. talk everywhere! the rooms are there for a reason, not to just look pretty. 

6. you can only have one character!! if we catch you having two then... au revoir!! also. wide variety of roles so we have something for everyone! (switch, top, bot)

7. no move in couples cause that's lame. we're all here to just fool around with each other and what not. psword is your favorite bts song at the moment!

8. if you're planning to . please do it on your walls or m rated rooms <3

if you want to join. comment that you faved the rp and apply! we'll be checking uwu



members joined 

population: 1


isn't she lovely - hyukoh cover



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sumire 5 days ago
could I claim jimin please?
neggeoya 1 week ago
lmk if anyone frees up?
credits 1 week ago
favorited, applied for hoseok.
Raijin 1 week ago
faved and applied for namjoon
TheKingSlayer 1 week ago
Yoongi please
nunchi 1 week ago
Can i claim seokjin? :D
_________ 1 week ago
can i have jimin c:
ahjussi 1 week ago
bwi?? :D
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