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✩ Cosmic Gays ✩
| nonau | featured twice | always open | spooktober theme.
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it's time to be spoopy
basic info.
he's a gay, i'm a gay, we are all a cosmic gay; don't you want to be a cosmic gay too?

welcome to cosmic gays, a rabbit hole for fanatics who want to meet new people, have some romance, participate in events and more. we are a pretty happy [dysfunctional] family and are always eager for new face [meat] or two.

why should you join us? well, we are caring, we are fun, we like to party under the sun- okay but for real, we are a very chill and self paced roleplay that is welcoming to all. we like to check in on our family and do what we can both ic and ooc to ensure people are happy as well as promote mental health when we can without being preachy.

we host all kinds of events from disneyland to overseas travels! you can collect stickers, make suggestions and earn assortment of bonuses for sticking around [want to break the character limit? participate and win those slots!] we play games, we see who lives and who dies in the hunger games, and at times we even host movie parties or tv show binges [rabb.it may be gone, but there are alternatives to use!]. we even have a section dedicated to au themes for those who want to play with their muse!

the most important thing about us, is that we will never give up. we are a sanctuary, for new and old friends alike. people come and people go, but we always have open arms when the path leads you back to us.

want to join? check out the following section for rules and then hit us up with your reservation and application.
rules & guidlines.
**please use the full name of the idol/model/actor/whatever whom you wish to reserve in the comments. no western internationals at this time, sorry**

rule 1.0} please favourite the roleplay. upvoting would be nice but isn't a requirement; however you get a sticker if you do upvote as it helps us be noticed by more people.

rule 2.0} face claims need to be eighteen (18) years of age or older. no minors here.

rule 3.0} character limit is currently three (3) per account. you may have the first two upon joining and the third with a blog advertisement. some events will reward the chance to have additional slots, so if that's something that interests you, be sure to participate in events as they pop up.

rule 4.0} character changes (cc's) are allowed. if you request to cc right upon joining, your character will be removed and you'll have to reapply entirely otherwise you have two (2) cc's per character. any questions, ask an admin.

rule 5.0} there is currently no dating ban in place. however, we do ask that people remember to be inclusive and if admins see too many people sticking with their s/o, a ban may be put in place at a later date. friends are important too.

rule 6.0} we do allow move-in couples! please state who/when on your applications upon joining so you can be added to the couples room.

rule 7.0} inactivity is set to eight (8) days. if you can't spend some of your time here at least once a week, then why are you even here?

rule 8.0} inactivity merits one (1) lone warning. a notice will be posted on your wall and if a second occurs, you will be removed and you need to rejoin. we want this place to be active, after all. we all need to help.

rule 9.0} be aware of the rules for rooms. if you don't know what you can and can't do in a room, read the layout. information will be there to help guide you.

rule 10} we do allow a certain level of ic drama but we do not tolerate ooc drama. if issues arise, notify an admin immediately. one (1) warning will be given out and a chance to rectify actions. if issues continue, removal may occur based on the severity.

rule 11} male pregnancy (mpreg) is allowed here. { P AS S WO R D: "spowoky owoky pumpkin" }. you can find all rules relating to this in the babies room layout. be sure to check those if having kids is on your list of things to do.

rule 12} your soul is now property of Shoma. no exceptions.
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pm yuzuru to apply
pm yuzuru to apply
pm yuzuru to apply
full namecause duh
birthday/agefor our handy calendar
idol groupso you can be sorted
passworddid you find it?
for move ins onlywho/date of coupling
est. 2017
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LilacTears 6 hours ago
may I have yao ming ming? uwu
JiminieMouse 1 day ago
Jeon Jungkook please
BooJae- 1 week ago
thank you for having me!
sorry i got too busy ;;
- minho
taimehosh 1 week ago
hello i would like to reserve bang chan (for me) and felix lee (for -gonedays-)! we are a move in couple. thank you so much <3
toothlessplanet 2 weeks ago
yeo hwanwoong and kang yeosang please!
eojjeona 2 weeks ago
actor woo dohwan please? thanks!
-Aymeric 2 weeks ago
_eternalmoon 3 weeks ago
Might I request my Kai back, please?
reboot 3 weeks ago
an jaehyung please
689c76934f992953088b 3 weeks ago
lee jaeyun from too?
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