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❝ tran·quil·i·ty /ˌtraNGˈkwilədē/ noun the quality or state of being tranquil; calm. ❞

welcome to sunflower! a soft, roleplay with a summer (or spring, probably more spring-like) vibe! consider this your home away from home, to gather with friends, meet new people and build lasting relationships. with our little introduction out of the way- sit back, enjoy the sun, and go flower picking with your new friends.


1. favorite the roleplay. upvotes are welcomed. 2. check the masterlist, comment to reserve your character for 24 hours, and complete the application form correctly to be accepted.  3. one character upon arrival. second character: advertise the roleplay in a blog post. third character: 1st character must have 750 points and 2nd character must have 250 points. fourth character: 1st character must have 750 points, 2nd character must have 500 points and 3rd character must have 250 points. inactivity is set to seven days. If you become inactive, you will have 48 hours before you're removed from your character. If you go inactive two weeks in a row, you will be removed without a second warning.  4. m-preg is allowed (see the baby room for more information). 5. although mpreg is allowed, this roleplay is still non-au, therefore; you are an idol. 6. only, sorry ladies. 7. dating ban of two weeks (14 days). move-in couples are allowed however! state it in your application. 8. internationals are welcomed. 9. ic drama is allowed with consent, but keep the ooc drama in pms. 10. please refrain from crack. if you want to spam, use the spam room. the secret word you're looking for is your favorite flower. 11. try to be inclusive. we know expecting people to talk to everyone in the roleplay is unrealistic, but try not to ignore anyone. 12. for any problems, complaints, or concerns, please contact an admin. 13. have fun!

how to join

Please follow the directions as written !.

◦◦◦ full name
◦◦◦ age
◦◦◦ group/occupation
◦◦◦ timezone
◦◦◦ password

200517 | update - opening day Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
lee minhyuk
❝ I am /the/ baby boy. ❞
ri yue yao
❝ insert an iconic quote but keep it to two to four lines. labore et dolore magna aliqua. ❞
yoo kihyun
❝ I'm your mom now. ❞
bang chan
❝ insert an iconic quote but keep it to two to four lines. labore et dolore magna aliqua. ❞
honda kyoya
❝ insert an iconic quote but keep it to two to four lines. labore et dolore magna aliqua. ❞


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hobbit 5 hours ago
chris and seb are gonna take a week hiatus
hidenseek 8 hours ago
Can you help me choose either chani, wonwoo or donghyuck?
laybintao 2 days ago
Can I cc Jonhyun to somebody else?
KREASUS 3 days ago
Is Johnny Seo (nct) available to add?
kaBAEdon [A] 4 days ago
e ^ e
Kyutaro 6 days ago
I will need to make the blog post when I get home later but would everyone be down for Yamada Ryosuke as my 2nd?
pinkcrayon 1 week ago
Nam joohyuk as my 2nd pls
ForsytheJonesIII 1 week ago
omg I'm so sorry for being mia, orz can I get shownu back? UwU
hobbit 1 week ago
may I have sebastian stan for my second?
SHYJJTN 1 week ago
Can I please have Kang Yeosang as a third?
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