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Ravens are symbols of light in the darkness and the ability to adapt in situations. That's exactly what this roleplay is. A light in your darkness. Allowing you adaptability and flexibility where otherwise difficult to have. We welcome you to Vulpes Corvum. Here you can join one of two companies;

Lotus Entertainment, founded and run by Shayna Gong, is known for its strict training, stage presence, unique vocals, choreography, aesthetics, and visuals from the artists themselves to their videos. Training time is typically 2-8 years and starts from a young age, but debut chances are great since the company is constantly coming up with new concepts. Trainees may also be picked for acting roles and MV filming/photoshoots for their visuals.

Onyx Entertainment, Rebranded and run by co-CEOs Im Jinah and Park Yeeun, Onyx is known for its professional but realistic approach to training. The company focuses more on talent and going against social norms with their aesthetics than artist visuals. There is also a great deal of attention paid to a solo artist's personal preferences and allows all artists to dabble with personal projects. Training time is anywhere between 1-5 years.
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A favorite is a must in order for your application to be accepted. Upvote for a second chara.


Check the faceclaim list and wishlist, then comment with your desired muse's name. Reservations last 72 hours (3 days).


As this is an AU rp, you have the option of changing your character's name to one of your choosing. Make sure to comment in the faceclaim room with their real name and occupation so that we can put the name on the list.


Inactivity is set to 14 days. Characters will get a warning and 24 hours to get rid of the inactivity sign before being removed.


Do not comment on the roleplay if leaving or for a hiatus. PM an admin. Semi hiatus lasts for 3 weeks while a hiatus lasts for 5 weeks. At the end, you will be notified when your hiatus is over. You will have 48 hours to become active again or get an extension or you will be seen as inactive and removed.


IC drama is allowed to an extent. Make sure all parties involved agree. No OOC drama. No mixing IC and OOC.


No ualizing minors AT ALL. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate removal and blacklisting. Minor faceclaims cannot have their age altered in app. Minors are considered anyone with the international age of 18 and younger.


Unlimited CCing but you must wait 72 hours between CCing. Costs 100 points each time. No character limit. Must keep charas even between companies and you can have no more than three members from the same irl group.


Pregnancy, adoption, and surrogates are allowed. MPREG and FEMPREG are not.


Dating ban is 2 weeks after joining. Move-in couples allowed as long it's as stated in the application otherwise the ban applies. You must also comment in the couple list room. Failure to do this will count as a scandal ic and will result in ic consequences.


Stating company preference does NOT guarantee that is where you'll go. Company placement is at the discretion of the CEO and stats (to keep things even).


Talents must be listed from strongest to weakest. Audition videos do not have to be of your muse but must reflect talent level. More talents may be added for points.


Password is your current favorite song.

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STagename (optional)
Occupation (check jobs list)
Age (+/- 5 yrs. Min 15 intl age)
company preference
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admin╱ babyqueen
CEO Gong
admin╱ clownery
admin ╱ chrysopos
CEO Park
admin ╱ BTSpandaArmy
Kim Hyojong (Jade)
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JiminieMouse 1 hour ago
Kim Taehyung please
jukain 4 hours ago
may i get yamasaki ten please?
689c76934f992953088b 3 weeks ago
ahn seongmin?
a290d6713e8e4cadb889 3 weeks ago
can i get yoshinori from treasure?
minimanimo 1 month ago
May I get Noh Yoonho?
MermaidMelody 1 month ago
I lost my password >.<
Can I maybe have my hyuna and boa transferred to this account?
Basquiat 1 month ago
I’m taking my leave, you all
Take care of Nikki okay, please. She needs rest and to do her school work. I care a lot about you guys here and please stay well.
cheesesticks 1 month ago
hey hey hey do you guys have any girls you would like to see?
onceofthecentury 1 month ago
Hi, could I possibly have Somi (Jeon Somi) please?
Basquiat 2 months ago
Hm... Kim Jaehwan please~
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