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the admins ( scroll pls )
Siwon Choi
Supreme Alpha - Admin
Minsung Kim
Ultimate Omega - Admin
Choi Jihoon
The Greet Seer - Admin - on an admin hiatus but can still refer inquired to his PM.
Jinhyuk Choi
Son of former Supreme - Admin
Hoseok Lee
For thousands of years, we the wolf clans has assimilated, living with humans, adapting to their cultures while keeping what is ours. We were living happily with them, under their governance until, an ultimate omega was born. One day, he accidentally released his pheremones, causing explosions of ual desires around the country, making alphas and betas of our clan go after him, killing each other and the bloodshed even lashed out to the human. Driven mad by what happened, the human clan vows to kill evey each of us to avenge the fallen. Having no choice, the Choi, an elite alpha family with every family members turn to be an alpha makes a decision. With their eldest son that turns out to be the Supreme Alpha, he manages to calm down the overpowering Ultimate Omega pheremones down and took him under his protection. He takes what are left of our people, retreating to a distant island located in the middle of the sea where two seasons meet and they build their first civilazation in the middle of the meeting point. Winter on the West and Summer on the East, far away from the reach of human clan. 

And now, after decades of living in that island, we already build our own civilization and technologies that somehow way more advance from the outside world. Those who want to leave, will need to meet the seer and excellent beta, the one who have the supressent and formulae to suppress an omega heat and the spreading of pheremones as well as the one that develop masquerading scents that can hide the natural of a person from the wolf clan whether the person is an alpha, a beta or an omega .
RULES & Guidelines TO FOLLOW
1. Favorite the rp before joining, upvote is loved

2. No face chasing, everyone should get around together.

3. Inactivity is set to 7 days. If you are inactive, you;ll get two warning before getting your kicked out. Password is: Azure

4. Comments which characters you are interested to be, each person is allowed till 3 characters per person.
5. Once accepted, go to the hall of fate. Your fate whether you are an alpha, a beta or an omega is determined by the dice. I don't want people to only be alpha or omega since this is an omegaverse rp.
6. Wolf clan can leave the island, but the one who wants to leave will need to meet The Seer to collect your suppressant. Five points will be taken for each time you take it. Don't take it to frequently though. Might have side effect.
7. Have fun, and don't forget to see me Choi Siwon if you have any question!
Name: ( ex. Choi Siwon )
Band: ( Super Junior, put n/a if you're not in one )
Occupation: (whatever you want to be, remember, we're civilized people)
Password: (hidden up there somewhere)



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YouDidWell 21 hours ago
can you add do kyungsoo for me please?
KpopVamp 1 day ago
Felix Lee please? ^^
--seoulqueen 2 days ago
Song Mino for my second please.
--seoulqueen 3 days ago
Gimme Moon Jongup please ?
starlightsky 5 days ago
Can you please put Changmin on hiatus until 30th September? I have deadline to chase after
repeat124 1 week ago
May I please reserve Na Jaemin?
Mysterio 1 week ago
I would like to join here.
TaeKook 2 weeks ago
Park Jimin please
darkseoul 2 weeks ago
park chanyeol for me if he’s free
[comment deleted by owner]
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