﹤inanity﹥ ➥ ᴠᴇʀ 2.0 :: ᴍʏ sᴛᴀʀ ✕ self-paced nonau ˢᵒᶠᵗ ʷʰᵒˡᵉˢᵒᵐᵉ ᶠᵃᵐ ✯ ᴡᴇ'ʀᴇ ʙᴀᴄᴋ; ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴜs ✮ thanks for the feature! ⁰¹⁰⁶¹⁹ ♡ нαρρυ εℓεvεη мσηтнs ༄ нαρρү 1 мιℓ!! + read announcement

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inanity 2.0: my star
inanity 2.0: my star
revamped version of the soft and wholesome family, inanity; now also going by the name "my star". this is simply a place to destress, where all could just chill here after their long day. with that said, obviously, no drama needed here. if you're looking for a rp for you to mope about your issues in every post you make, tis time to skidaddle along bc you'd eventually get kicked.
positive and good vibes here only !! albeit all the softness, you'd also find crack in here. however, we also welcome and encourage rping. currently, we're striving to be both fun and literate so expect more things to come, things are still under works and we're always trying to improve this rp!
> more rooms will be opened once we've gathered enough members within the rp; just to avoid having untouched rooms.  
#one before commenting for your desired faceclaim (full name pls), favourite the rp. upvotes are optional but appreciated !!
#two failure to hit 50 posts within 24hrs of joining will result in an instant kick out; no warnings given. this is to ensure no chara hogging. when leaving, do not leave a comment, pm an admin of your departure instead.
#three total of 14 characters per user. first 2 are free to snag right away. third will be granted once you've been in the rp for 3 days and your first 2 charas must have at least 200pts each.  fourth will be granted upon a blog ad. fifth will be granted when your first 4 charas have at least 400pts each. sixth chara will be granted once your first 5 charas have 600 pts each. seventh chara will be granted once all 6 of your other characters have 700pts each. eighth chara will be granted once all 7 of your other charas have 800pts each. nineth chara will be granted once all 8 of your other charas have 900pts each. tenth chara will be granted once all 9 of your other charas have 1000pts each. eleventh chara will be granted once all 10 of your other charas have 1100pts each. twelth chara will be granted once all 11 other your other charas have 1200pts each. a thirteenth chara will be granted once all 12 of your charas have 1300pts each.  fourteenth chara will be granted once all 13 charas have reached 1400pts each. *note: max 2 charas from the same group provided the group has 7 or more members. 
#four all orientations welcomed. however, be mindful of each others' preferences too, respect everyone's decisions.  internationals are welcomed! 
#five facechasing and userchasing is inevitable so rather than saying those aren't allowed, pls talk to everyone instead of sticking to your own cliques only. no ooc drama nor unconsented ic drama. don't ualise minors; or anyone who isn't comfy with the ual content. no bashing, this is a rp not a warzone :"0 dating ban of 5 days, if you want to get married then go 'head. move-ins are welcomed. 
#six to request for a hiatus / semihiatus, visit the hiatus room and read the guidelines there. those who request in the comments will be ignored. inactivity is set at 7 days. you have 24hrs to get rid of the alert after the inactive warning has been sent to you. 2nd time you go inactive would result in an automatic boot without warning. 
#seven keep your rated content on walls or pms. if an admin witnesses or is informed of someone causing anyone to feel uncomfortable, a warning will be pmed and if the issue is persistent, you'd be booted. same goes for disrespecting our guidelines; these are set to ensure everyone could feel comfortable here. 
note: app form is scrollable!
application ▾
full name
eg; jeon jungkook
eg; bts
in gmt pls
eg; hetero
paraphrase 2 rules
kwon chaewon
gmt -8
jeon jungkook
kim yohan
cha eunwoo
gmt +8
choi jongho
gmt -5
jo haseul
gmt -8
minatozaki sana
gmt -5
updates / announcements
announcement #1: new rooms were added (kelp, entertainment, and report book)! our first event, 'baking dash' was also introduced! lastly, introduced the official new line up of admins u w u
full announcement here: link
announcement #2: vote for our new event! it would either be an animal rescue mission event or a prison break event! our rules have also been updated! (new cc/tcc rules implemented, number of characters a user could snag has also been revised!)
full announcement here: link


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soonyoung 19 minutes ago
s neezes on this rp
moderato [A] 10 hours ago
favourite the rp before commenting for your desired faceclaim; when commenting for your character, state the full name & stage name if any! pls do read all our guidelines too, thank you bubbies uwu

+ check the masterlist for the faceclaim’s availability beforehand too!
++ semi/hiatus and/or (t) cc’s to be requested in our rp’s respective rooms pls!
+++ please pm an admin when leaving!!

- faceclaims that have expired their reservation have now been deleted; remember to apply for your fc before the 24hrs is up!
- those who failed to get 50pts within 24hrs have been kicked out and are now opened to the public. you're always welcomed to rejoin us! however, we do not guarantee your fc will still be available as someone else might want the same muse since we do not safe-keep any characters.
belphy-kun 11 hours ago
c. seungyeon [A] 40 seconds ago
heehee: living peacefully
me: listen here u lil piece of poop, im going to destroy u

mamm0n-sama 11 hours ago
h o w s o f f r u g u y s
lucy-kun 11 hours ago
man i wonder who among my favs is available [thinking emoji]
molani 11 hours ago
"Join this place and grant moddie her new couples onto the couples list wish KJDFJDJFD"

leviachan 11 hours ago
can i cc shin yuna to Lee Luda and add shin yuna as my third kJFJDF
bunani 22 hours ago
bet you wont reactivate my old arin and cc her to kim taeyeon
yongie 1 day ago
hello may i have lee taeyong
Lan_Wangji 1 day ago
Hello! could you add and reserve Wang Yibo for me, please?
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