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guys, do me a favor and really pay attention to the rules, i wanna enjoy having this place open and hopefully thrive to the best of its nonau ability. its just a hassle when certain rules aren't followed and i have to go back and forth to do this or that. just favorite the rp before applying/commenting so i dont have to go back to the comment and tell you, then wait for it when sometimes it never comes and then someone else wants the same character and i gotta make a decision unu...

i want this place to be warm, welcoming, wildt, and fun. . also, with the chat rooms, i've had people complain in previous rps i've adminned in about people posting pics of themselves constantly to their s/o in tags or just a ton of videos and memes and i would like that to tone down. if you wanna show off your s-line to your boo, then hop into the spam room or on walls. please?
1.favorite the roleplay before commenting your desired character, otherwise i will not acknowledge the comment, i will not stress this enough. upvoting is optional.
2. comment your desired characters full name, i don't know every single idol or actor out there. just commenting "chan please?" would probably irk me. 
3. reservations last 48 hours unless you have a valid reason, i.e; finals or lack of internet service.
4. be nice to everyone, please unu
5. inactivity is set to 10 days bubs, you get 1 warning.
6. pm jennie or jimin when you are leaving,
please don't just dip or post it in the comments bcs that's not attractive to see when someone is trying to join the rp . password is "lion king". 
7. there will be 2 separate chatrooms, so noone gets butthurt if people are talking about helicopter d*cks in one room.
8. all orientations + internationals are accepted and welcomed with love
9. let jennie or jimin know if you need a hiatus <3
10. there will be a spam room for pictures, videos, memes, or whatever. do not spam the chat room with all of these because it gets annoying tbh. some here and there is fine, but don't go overboard please.
11.  move-in couples allowed. just bcs. dating ban for 2 weeks for everyone though.

full namejennie kim
passwordit's in the rules-
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PUDDIN [A] 1 month ago
marionella 1 month ago
may i have shin ryujin of itzy, please?
shoutodoroki 1 month ago
yoo jeongyeon please? tysm!
summery 1 month ago
can i have kim seokwoo please?
molani 2 months ago
can i have jessica oh? she's a korean model.
protractor 2 months ago
jo yuri pls
dmnqween 2 months ago
I needs a character it’s been a fat minute
chrysalism 2 months ago
park chaeyoung. 3 minutes ago Reply
do we have a Chris Evans bc I wanna marry him okno

park chaeyoung. 13 seconds ago Reply
if Chris Evans ever come tell him I'm his wife.
milkytea 2 months ago
choi yewon please and thanks!
ardenjin 2 months ago
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