╳ cloѕed ╳〔星を注視する。ᵛᵉʳˢᶦᵒⁿ ²ᵎ ░ тнe reтυrn oғ ѕтargazιng, тнe ѕparĸlιeѕт yaoι nonaυ! ░ coмe joιn oυr ғaмιly oғ тwιnĸιlιng ѕтarѕ ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

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est. nov 6, 2018
nonau / semicrack
created by libero
we've reopened, ! welcome to stargazing, the only roleplay on this website. if you're returning from the previous version of stargazing, then you get a second welcome... welcome back! now that everyone has been welcomed, it's time to sell you a seat or two on our masterlist. since stargazing is the only roleplay on this platform, our admins do their very best to focus on inclusiveness and hospitality. although the other participants aren't as required to be as friendly, most are just as friendly by choice, and they're all beautiful individuals who deserve the world. joining us means that you too, could be a beautiful individual that deserves the world. doesn't that sound splendid? i hope it does, because the success of this roleplay is backing on every one of you kffjdhj.
one ╱ favorite the roleplay, please! upvotes aren't required but greatly appreciated. you know the drill.
two ╱ characters under the age of 18 aren't allowed here! this includes mpreg babies...no mpreg here.
three ╱ 5 characters per head, max! for those that are returning, you may request up to three characters hassle free. for those that are new, each character costs 200 points, or you can post a blog advertising the roleplay to gain a character instantly. points will only be deducted from your first character, so prepare to be active on that character! you may not claim more than one idol per group.
four ╱ Characters will become inactive after seven days. anyone can request your character while the inactive sign is present, so be sure to post at least once a week! Password is your favorite color.
five ╱ keep drama and bad vibes out of the main chat, please. ooc drama and/or an excessive amount of complaints about a character backed with substantial evidence may result in a kick out, so be mindful when you post. plotted, consensual drama is cool, but keep it out of the chat room thx.
six ╱ although there is a rated chat, please don't abuse it! please keep out of the chat, 's awkward asf.
seven ╱ there is a dating ban of one week. moving couples are allowed here! just add the name of your partner(s) and official dates to your application.
eight ╱ hiatuses last three weeks max. extensions are negotiable. if you return from hiatus before the three week period is over, just let an admin know.
Nine ╱ have fun! ping the admins if you need anything. we'll be happy to help!
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baobao 3 months ago
bogum dipped ;;
igoholic 3 months ago
dropping youngmin
dubulge 3 months ago
sorry, jinki is going
chocomilkbunny 3 months ago
wooseok will be taking his leave, thanks for having me.
baobao 3 months ago
park bogum please??
NiniiBlue 3 months ago
Seokjin will be leaving. Thanks for having me.
usernameisgood 3 months ago
ten will be taking his leave, best of luck <3
recklessly 3 months ago
left hyunjin too
recklessly 3 months ago
left seungcheol
peachygods 3 months ago
May I reserve Na Jaemin?
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