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特殊 High School
school of the talented
特殊 (Tokushu) High School urges young students to look for the artistic sense within themselves, even drawing artistic aesthetics into the way they divide students by homeroom.

as for the state of the campus, the buildings are set from each other like corners in a pentagon, with the school, an external library, two dormitories, and a courtyard. a lake and garden sit at the center of the pentagon.
1. this is a face claiming rp, meaning your character takes on the face of an anime/manga character, but has their own unique name and personality. check if your character has already been face claimed here. We also accept characters from webtoons, manhwas, games, etc. they can be of any ethnicity. comment asking for the new name of your face claim.
2. all povs, orientations allowed.
3. anything rated m (violence, , etc.) is only allowed in rated m rooms, walls, and private inbox.
4. marriage and pregnancy will not be allowed since all characters are minors.
5. inactivity is set to 7 days and you will receive 2 notices, each within a week of each other. after that, you will be kicked out.
6. hiatuses can last around a week or two but extensions can be discussed over with admins.
7. ooc drama will not be tolerated - you will be kicked out upon admins receiving news of your behavior.
8. favorite is a must, upvoting is greatly appreciated.
9. you can have up to four characters - two girls and two boys.
10. the password is your favorite anime/manga.
Full name: (ex. Yoshikawa hitomi)
Name and series of face claim: (ex. matsuzaka sato from happy sugar life)
year: (ex. sophomore/2nd year)
uality: (ex. biual)
Password: (ex. shingeki no kyojin)


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seulgiggles 1 month ago
djinnamon 3 months ago
Heyy, is this rp active?
takaranamie 4 months ago
can i get chizuru from relife as takara namie ?
zigazig-ah 4 months ago
hi, may i reserve hayama akira from shokugeki no soma? i'd like the name to be kumori aoi, please.
uravity 4 months ago
oh wow who to bE
Invidious 4 months ago
Can I get zack fair?
sanshine 4 months ago
can i get senjougahara hitagi as nakahara reina? uwu
pinkcrayon 4 months ago
Oof I want a second already pmsl orz
Add Azumane Nao
AloneBaybehImStill 4 months ago
Ok ok can i get otsuka kazuhiko as a second jsy?
yujeong 4 months ago
yuyang, please!
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