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Hills of Delphi;
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Settled in the northeastern region of Gyeonggi province lies the city of Pocheon. Known for its beautiful, lush landscapes, easygoing lifestyle unsullied by the urbanization that has taken root across most cities in South Korea, and Deulmusae of course, Pocheon harkens back to the old way of living. Many there believe the closer you are to nature, the closer you are to God himself. Little did they know, however, how right they are. There exists two worlds-- our world and that of the Gods. For all intents and purposes, these worlds stay separated by thick otherworldly barriers that prevent the two from colliding. However, in Pocheon, a city steeped in simple, village life, the barrier between the two worlds is thin and permeable, allowing for the Gods to freely pass through to our world. They live among us, as do their children. Some only seek to enjoy the simple pleasures the human world has to offer. Some simply want to be left alone while others still want to cause mischief, mayhem.. perhaps a bit of destruction. Who are you and Which side are you on?
.01 Favorite the RP (upvotes are welcomed but not required)
.02 Comment with the full name of your desired character as well as their Status (Human/God/Demi-God). 2 Heads allowed but they cannot be the same status. 2nd head can be obtained after being in the Rp for 3 days + having 100 points
.03 To keep things balanced, there are a limited number of god/demi-god spots available. for every 10 humans, there will be 5 demi-god spots and 5 god spots. once the human spots have been filled, more DG and G spots will open.
.04 This is an Au rp; your character is not an idol in this universe. 18+ characters only. 
.05 Use the rooms and use them appropriately (mature content only in the rooms marked with an M; kept in PMs/walls/personal rooms only please)
.06 This is a literate RP, meaning as little to No crack as possible please. There is a Town square room where light rping/chatting can take place but do Plot and seriously rp as well.
.07 IC drama requires consent of both parties; no ooc drama period. you will be removed.
.08 Password: A brief Bio of your character (4-5 sentences)
.09 don't be afraid to be creative with your backgrounds; not everyone is the same and we don't all have to get along. Are you a demi-god who hates your human/god side? Are you a god who longs to be human? A god who wants to take over this world or just wants to see it burn a little? A human obsessed with gods? A skeptic?  As a god/demi-god, you can choose to reveal your status if you want or you can choose to hide amongst the humans. If you're a human who wants to try and trick people into thinking you're a god, perhaps for street cred... well you can give it the old college try! :P
.10 no internationals allowed at this time. 
.11 Inactivity set for 6 days; 1 warning with 48hrs to remove the inactive sign or you'll be removed. if you are seen  going inactive, then posting once to rid yourself of the sign only to continue to be inactive, you will be warned once and then removed.
.12 There is a 5 day dating ban. move-in couples are not allowed at this time.
STay Tuned. 
Full name + Age: Park Jinyoung 24
Timezone + Preferred POV: GMT-7 ; det. 1st/3rd
Human/God/Demi-God: Human
Occupation (Optional if God or Demi): 
Password: You'll have to find it in the rules
Were you sent here by someone? If so, who:


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sumire 2 months ago
i'm sorry but taehyung will be leaving. it was really nice while it lasted
laybintao 3 months ago
is this still active?
W-WHIPLASH 3 months ago
Wooseok is leaving, sorry for not being very active.
unrevealed 4 months ago
orz sorry guys but minho has to leave
miyachirin 4 months ago
A&r kim seokjin for me please!
silvermist1116 4 months ago
Applying for Yang Hongseok. I'm going to save the application half done for now and finish it later when I have time.
neocultured 4 months ago
Maybe a good idea to have like a God list? Because if I write my bio, I don't want it to resolve around a God (for example Zeus) while someone else is already portrayed as that God.
Midorin 4 months ago
I see amazing admins and an amazing idea~
left you a fav and upvote, and wishing you the best luck!!
even though I'm busy so probably won't be able to join (though still considering...)
unrevealed 4 months ago
Okay nvm I get it know xD sorry Im just dumb
unrevealed 4 months ago
btw can you change my name to lee know? since I see two minhos
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