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"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."

- Carl jung 


est. 25 05 2019  
grand opening
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia


hello and welcome to blooming amour! we are your number one trusted matchmaker in the world for all celebrities. 

if you are in need of: 

1) a hot sizzling romance ☑

2) to settle down ☑

3) meet someone new ☑


we can arrange it all for you! all you need to do is to fill out the application and we will pair you up with someone special. come and join us. your unforgettable start of a blooming romance is waiting for you. 


yoon jeonghan

owned and started by the one and only yoon jeonghan of seventeen. he is your reliable cupid that will be shooting his small little arrows toward your unprepared hearts at unexpected times. so watch out! 


hello folks!

rules & guidelines

ONE favorite the rp please and thank you! upvotes are optional and will be loved. 

TWO check masterlist before commenting. reservation will be up to 24 hours. 

THREE no minors allowed. only 18+ faceclaims. 

FOUR 5 characters per person max. to get a second chara, you need 200 points, third and fourth chara, you need 400 points. to get fifth chara, you need 500 points. please be active with them. 

FIVE no ooc drama. if there are troubles and you can't fix them, contact the admin for help. please be respectful toward each other. password is: what are you planning on doing this summer? 

SIX all orientations, all povs, internationals are welcomed to join. brace the diversity. 

SEVEN to request for semihiatus or hiatus in general, pm the admin. do not post on the rooms, walls, or in the comment section. 

EIGHT use the rooms and interact with each other. be active. i want to make this place as alive as possible. 

NINE once you are accepted, start making your profile, and specify what  you are looking in a partner. 


if you have any questions, come talk to me anytime, well anytime that i am online. don't worry i dont bite. (❁´◡`❁)



full name: yoon jeonghan 

group: seventeen 

orientation: biual 

timezone: gmt-4

password: read the rules


have fun!


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unbothered 2 months ago
Jennie bounced, thanks for having me¡
WritingismyPassion 2 months ago
sorry, hyolyn is leaving
nunchi 2 months ago
jin left ty!
elizaveta 2 months ago
Add and reserve jeon hyosung!
uwu_lilee 2 months ago
zhang yixing please?
thank you <3
nezumi 2 months ago
min yoongi please
3m0bo1XD 2 months ago
terada takuya, jsy!
baksu- 2 months ago
kim yerim pls if she's available
10080MINUTES 2 months ago
park jihoon?
NotteStellata 2 months ago
A&R Yuzuru Hanyu Please
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