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Say hello to my wonderful (and forgotten) layout gallery!
This is nagumo, or (the famous) baepsae. This gallery was originally on Asianfanfics before I decided to make one here as well. I got bored one day, so I revamped the gallery to my current hyperfixation: Blue Lock!
Some information about me, I am an experienced coder from waaay back. 2014, I think? I code whenever I'm bored, so my updates are very inconsistent. I don't have much else to say other than I am not that great at coding. 
Please scroll down for the rules!
Please favorite and comment below if you are planning to use one of my layouts. Upvotes are not needed but still appreciated!
You may tweak the layout to your liking, but please do not use them as base or take snippets from it. I take hours to make a layout, so I would rather not deal with plagarism. If you find anyone using my codes without permission, let me know so I can take care of it.
Do not remove my credit. I will find you if you try to.
To use my layouts, you'll need some basic knowledge in HTML coding. My codes are not completely secured, so it is possible that you might  up somewhere. If you need help, feel free to contact me.
I do not take requests. I usually only code for myself or a friend. Again, I simply code for fun and nothing more. There may be a chance that I do, but it depends on my mood and time.
All of my codes outside of this gallery are for my usage only. Please do not copy or steal them.
Personally, I do not like blacklists (because I forget), so it is likely that I will contact you if I encounter a problem. I will block if it escalates.
Lastly, I hope you all enjoy my layouts! :D
UPDATE: I will be revamping my old layouts. A majority of them are outdated and have funky coding in it. If you are encountering an issue, please let me know ASAP.
In no particular order! I admire and love every single gallery here.


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pacifico 4 days ago
using love talk! thank you!
fuzakeru 2 weeks ago
using love talk, thank you sm!
jingzuoz 1 month ago
Using long black ty !
hector 2 months ago
using love talk, Ty!
onevoneme 2 months ago
using love talk light thank you
jingzuoz 3 months ago
Using love talk (light) thank you !
GlitchPixel 3 months ago
Using Love Talk (Dark) again thank you <3
xingqiu 4 months ago
Using Long black!!!
desuwa 5 months ago
blue lock brainrot in a layout is so MMMM
it looks so good omg
apollogist 5 months ago
using love talk (dark)!
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