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the seven kingdoms — fear cuts deeper than swords
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join the turbulent world of the seven kingdoms. 500 years have passed since the last great war, and the continent of Westeros is partly destroyed. however, greed has existed since the beginning of men, and will now once again throw the world into chaos.


to commemorate the ending of the war and the start of the new era, today, 500 years later, everyone gathers in king's landing. Royals, nobles and commoners alike have travelled to the grand city to partake in the festivities.

the world setting is taken from game of thrones but you don't need to know anything about the books/series. everything you do need to know is provided by us in the information and lore pages!

p.S.: please make sure to read the faq.
Rules & Guidelines

oo1. favourite a roleplay & comment to reserve a character.
oo2. no god-modding. this means, your character is not the best / strongest / most powerful in the world.
oo3. inactivity is set to 10 days.
oo4. all orientations, nationalities and povs.
--> min. post limit of 4 lines! you will receive three warnings.
oo5. no pregnancies.
oo6. 100 points for a second character.
oo7. ic drama is encouraged. if certain plots are taboo for you, indicate them on your profile.
oo8. read the information pages.
oo9. min. character age is 16.
o1o. password is the min. age to be a king or queen.
o11. mature plots only in rooms marked [m].
o12. please make your profile within 48h of joining.
O13. more rules will be added as necessary.


name: (eg kim taehyung)
age: (eg 24)
kingdom: (eg dorne)
allegiance: (eg Dorne)
position/occupation: (noble rank for position / job for occupation)
password: see rules


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Mickey 4 months ago
kanyenot 4 months ago
can you add and reserve Lino faciioli as Robyn Arryn VI
LilithPrincess 4 months ago
Can you a + r Model/Actress Xin Yue please? ^-^
djinnamon 5 months ago
mamita 5 months ago
i just binge watched all 8 szns lets go

can i reserve madison beer pleasee
Yukiko 5 months ago
ooof, i‘m a bit rusty with GoT but—

i can‘t decide between park sooyoung or son seungwan or kang seulgi
gravitational 5 months ago
So I have never seen or know anything about game of thrones I
MyMindOnShuffle 5 months ago
Can I reserve Christian Yu? Still deciding if I want him to be a part of Dorne or like... the Iron islands. Or a sword for hire. Either way I love GoT.
citylights 5 months ago
wheezES omg yes
byun baekhyun please c:
TaeKook 5 months ago
PArk Jimin please
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