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non-au rp est. 2019

legend has it that if you click on this rp at 3 am, you will hear michael jackson whispering heehee close to your ear; but of course, we're not here to scare you. welcome to heehee where you don't know if we're referring to the rp or if we're just laughing in a creepy manner. we, the biggest mj stans, invite you to this place where no one seems to sleep, games are fun until you get dared, sinnery constantly lurks in the place, and where the primary unwritten rule is to never click on anyone's wall. despite being a little too wild sometimes, we're here to create great memories and bond as a family, - or not-, and make long lasting friendships that will truly make your stay here worthwhile. heehee come and join us, and unleash your true potential teehee xD
001. favorite the rp before applying. upvoting isn’t required, but we’ll really appreciate it!
002. we allow all orientations #pride. however, internationals aren’t allowed. mpreg is accepted here, but there’s always the option of adoption if you’re not comfortable with it uwu
003. you can do rated sh*t in all rated rooms, as well as walls and pms - this includes the chatroom as well, but you’re only allowed to get up to making out in there lol. and please, p l e a s e make sure you and your partner are both of legal age before getting frisky.
004. following the previous rule, please refrain from posting anything inappropriate in non-rated rooms.
005. there’s a dating ban of 3 days so you can have time to bond with other people in the rp before setting off to look for the love of your life. moving couples are allowed! just notify any of the admins if you are.
006. a total of 6 charas can be obtained by everyone. But Wait, There’s More! you can get an extra 7th chara when you participate in special events! the first two charas are free, and to get another chara you have to have 500 points in all your existing characters.
007. all ccing matters shall be addressed in the cc room. comments, tags anywhere else outside the said room, and pms will be ignored to maintain uniformity.
008. like the cc rule, all concerns about getting a hiatus should be put in the hiatus room. the same rule applies - comments, tags outside the hiatus room, and pms will be ignored.
009. the inactive sign will appear after 5 days. inactivity notices will be strictly monitored, and any of these cases will result in your chara getting kicked out: (a) failing to get rid of the inactive sign 24 hours after the notice is given; (b) constant inactivity in the rp (read: posting once after getting the notice only to disappear again. also, the password is your favorite michael jackson song.); (c) getting more than two inactivity notices within a month.
010. if someone else wants a taken face claim, they will be given away if (a) said faceclaim is inactive and doesn’t comply with the inactivity rule, or (b) the rper of the faceclaim agrees to give them away.
011. in case you want to leave temporarily, you can request for your characters to be saved for a maximum of 2 weeks. just pm the main admin! 3 users can have their charas saved at a time.
012. strictly no ooc drama, but ic drama is Definitely Allowed! just make sure you and your rping partner have talked it out to avoid any misunderstandings.
013. set a dp as soon as you’re accepted. you must get at least 100 pts within a week of joining, or your chara will be kicked out.
014. breaking any of the rules will result in a warning from an admin. get three, and your chara will be kicked out.
015. and lastly, pm any admin if you’re leaving uwu. have a good time at heehee!
application form
full name
activity check is over!
after two weeks of dying, we finally finished the ac my dudes


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YUNBORA 1 week ago
hi could you add jeon miso?
Cloud_Kisses 2 weeks ago
i hope i'm doing this right, i'm new to rpr so im not sure but could you add seo soojin?
Natalie0309 2 weeks ago
Could you add Jeon Somi please??
gonpachiro 3 weeks ago
could you add lee seunghyub pls
lilfireball 3 weeks ago
You Youngjae pleade
ilmatto 1 month ago
Wendy and sejeong please?
ardenjin 1 month ago
shin hyejeong pls
venice 1 month ago
can i get woo jinkun
pantulog 1 month ago
do kyungsoo pls?
SeHYUNG 1 month ago
may i get bae yubin (binnie) as my second :D
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