strange | a portal of superheroes on a break cause we need it fam ↝ brand new and chill + i need admins

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fresh from the magic portal.
who is dr. stephen strange and what kind of doctor was he again? dr. strange was basically a neurostuff meets rabbit from a hat.
stephen strange
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a world of superheroes.
in a world where humans and mutants exists, there are such things as people with supernatural or superhuman powers. They fight against evil for the safety of the universe and their love ones. superheroes needs a break too at times when things got rocky and the tides are high. in this magic portal that dr. strange create, superheroes and alike can take the break they deserve. you're safe here.
name + hero name
age (18 and above)
brief power details
follow accordingly.
obey them or perish.
one — favourite and comment who you want to be. once you got the green light, fill up the app and apply!

two — this is a superhero au rp so you're a superhero but don't get cocky and no immortality or powers that messes with the law of nature.

three — you can have a day or side job like a barista, even if you're a superhero. be creative! creativity is the fun part of it all.

four — if your faceclaim is an actor/actress that acts as a superhero and wants to be the intended superhero, you're good to go. this means a "doppleganger" is allowed. long story short, i can be dr. strange and someone else can be benedict cumberbatch.

five — no under 18 faceclaims and characters. your character must be above 18 cause it can get pretty rated in here. spideyboy must be aged up. sorry peter parker.

six — if you want more than one character, consult with dr. strange first. maximum character per person is three for now.

seven — "I've come to bargain".


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chankyu10 3 months ago
Tom is taking his leave, thank you for everything!
Unapologeticallyme 4 months ago
Can I get Lee dongwook
tellmeyourname 4 months ago
can you please add and reserve lee sungkyung?
pizzaisdope 4 months ago
i like that theres dr.stephen strange
then just tom holland LOL
hobbit 4 months ago
"Is Naruto a superhero?" yES
anoetos 4 months ago
stephen strange [A] 1 minute ago
i get excited everytime i see a new favourite

Something tells me that excitement died after my comment. *Gulps*
anoetos 4 months ago
Can't you guys like fill out the wish room with hot people you wish for.
I don't know who to be and I'm not good with superheroes. Like I know only Spiderman? And Superman?? Is Naruto a superhero?
This is complicated. *Sweats*
baobao 4 months ago
i love au rps uwuwu
taehyung or jeongguk?? ;;
carrefour 4 months ago
may i have jung jaewon?
dramawhore- 4 months ago
ooooh, I'd love to rp in this concept. May I have Kai, please?
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