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SAY 2.0
same as you
same as you

1. Favorite mandatory. Upvote optional (unless applying for a 3rd character).

2. Read through the rules thoroughly. Ask questions if you have any!

3. People of all nationalities, ethnicities, and ualities are accepted! We may not allow certain faceclaims due to their involvement in scandals or controversial crimes. Deceased and married faceclaims, and those who have asked to not be roleplayed will also be disallowed.

4. When reserving, leave a comment with your desired character’s full name and group.
a. If you are reserving an additional character, be sure to mention whether it will be your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

5. Use the application form to apply for your character.


1. Blatant face-chasing, bashing/harassment and godmodding other users will not be tolerated here. Bubble-chatting is strictly prohibited to ensure inclusivity of all members. The main chat safe-word is FROMAGE then we can gently move to a different topic.
a. If you have any issues at all, please PM any admin or moderator that you feel the most comfortable enough to talk to.

2. IC/OOC is flexible, but excessive ooc chatter will be nudged elsewhere. We’re fine with you venting a bit and here and there, but constant complaining about ooc events is not preferable in the main chatroom.

3. Absolutely no ualization of minors will be tolerated. Because there is difficulty in setting the definite borders of ual behavior, if the admins, moderators, or anyone feels that ual behavior is directed towards or committed by a minor, the culprit will receive ONLY ONE warning. Any ualization of minors after that warning, and they WILL be removed/banned from the roleplay.

4. Keep non M-rated rooms PG-13. Cracking occasional PP/tiddies jokes are okay, but memes/conversations containing heavy ual content must be directed to rooms marked with an [M]. All potentially triggering topics must be marked with a [TW].

5. Marriage and pregnancy are allowed; no mpreg please.
a. Please refrain from getting hitched and having kids right away. If you plan on having a child, you will not be allowed to until ONE month of active marriage or dating for THREE months (exception is migrating couples who already have kids.)
b. Dating Requirements: Please exist for at least 10 days with 500 points before becoming official. Exceptions are move in couples.

6. If we find out that you have a double account, ALL your characters on BOTH accounts will be removed without warning.


1. Inactivity after five (5) days, and you get ONE warning that lasts 24 hours. After that you will be kicked. Additional characters will receive an immediate kick without a warning.
a. Inactivity includes posting on your own wall and/or spamming in the spam room to avoid receiving an inactive warning.
b. Removal if you have received two (2) inactive warnings on your wall within 1 month.
c. If your 2nd/3rd/4th goes inactive three (3) times, you will be put on probation for 14 days.
d. Read the Character Directory if you plan to get an additional character.

2. If you need to go on hiatus, request for one in the Hiatus room.
a. Hiatus lasts for 2 weeks; Semi-Hiatus for 4 weeks.
1. Timezone
2. Grouping: ( where the character would be filed )
3. Password: ( what is the main chat's safe word? ) 
rules & application
welcome to say chicklings!
fall is upon us here at same as you!
fall is upon us here at same as you!
"why are all our admins ? this ain't a rp i swear" - babypie


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realllllmino [A] 7 months ago
hi there!
we're closed now but you can join our chaotic family at SAY 3.0!
sprezzatura 7 months ago
i hate myself HAHAHA work killed me
can i please get hwi back i will take care of him i swear T_T
chikookiehope 7 months ago

pxssionfruit 7 months ago
h hewwo
c can i get jimin back pwease? i pinky pwomise i will be active o ///// o
fairyopolis 7 months ago
can i have one (1) lee chaeyoung please, and thank you ><
lupine 7 months ago
i contemplated this for like- 3 days dfgdfg
may i have son naeun pls?
comets 7 months ago
choi san pls?
wiggly 7 months ago
kang yeosang pls
sprezzatura 7 months ago
can i get a second now :((((
asueki 7 months ago
jo yuri pls!
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