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SAY 2.0
same as you
same as you
1. Favorites are a must, upvotes are optional but loved. Reservations last 48 hours, but if your chara is still there you can apply if no one else reserves it.

2. No facechasing, meaning joining or changing your character to go after a certain character.

3. This is a nonau rp meaning you are an idol/model/celebrity.

4. Inactivity sign shows up after 6 days and you get ONE warning that lasts 24 hours; after that you may be kicked. You can always rejoin. If you need to go on hiatus, please state so in the hiatus room.

5. Absolutely no ualization of minors will be tolerated. Because there is difficulty in setting the definite borders of ual behavior, if the admins (or anyone that feels that a minor has been ualized) sees that there is ual behavior by a minor, you will receive ONLY ONE warning. Any ualization of minors after that warning and you WILL be removed from the rp.

6. Marriage and pregnancy are allowed but let’s be realistic, no mpreg please.

7. Please be dating for at least a TWO months before getting hitched. And if you plan to have a child, you will not be allowed to until ONE month of active marriage. OR dating three months. (exception is migrating couples who already have kids)

8. IC drama is alright to a certain degree, but please do give a heads up to the other rper beforehand. Save OOC drama for your mama and if there’s any real issues, you can pm an admin OR submit a report to the admin anonymous. Read the room for more details and conditions.

9. Dating requirements 5 days of existence + 500 points (excluding any migrating couples, although we would love if our migrating couples were also active as well)

10. To get a 2nd character you must gain 626 points + exist for two days, and to get a third character, the requirements are the same for 2nd and blog advertise. 

11. If you have been awarded a 2nd/3rd character, and one of those characters go inactive (3) times, you will be put on probation according to the terms of the chara request room.

12. We also may not allow certain characters based off scandals or being involved in controversal crimes. internationals are welcome!!

13. Character changing capped at 2 times per month.
1. Group
2. Password: (Explain the 5th rule in 5 words.) 
rules & application
welcome to say chicklings!
summer time is here at same as you!
summer time is here at same as you!
"why are all our admins ? this ain't a rp i swear" - Yukhei


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epoch- 6 hours ago
kim go eun, please!
main 18 hours ago
sorry wheein went inactive. can i get her back pretty please?
tender 18 hours ago
can I git kim minkyung for my 2nd pls
cauldroncoffee 21 hours ago
hi darlings can i please reserve kim dahyun
polarbears 1 day ago
can i get jeon wonwoo as a second?
PinkMatcha 1 day ago
Kim woosung for a new second please.
SHYJJTN 1 day ago
Hi sorry Hong Jisoo went inactive. I've been job hunting on my day's off. I'll be around more from now on now that I've found a new job. Would it be possible to get him back?
angrykiwi 2 days ago
dang it makes my heart so warm seeing this place alive uwu i love you guys
piovoso 2 days ago
I accidentally died off the face of the earth-
can I get lee jongsuk?
milkytea 2 days ago
can i get hirai momo back? ü
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