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hotel del luna
Hotel del luna is a safe haven for celebrities to get away from the cameras, all the fans, and just overall take off the forever happy go lucky mask. It's a place to unwind, relax, and even for couples to have secret dates away from prying eyes. It's a hotel build for your safety, and privacy so we hope you'll enjoy your stay here sirs and madams.
the rules

1. Favorite the roleplay, upvote is loved. 2. You are allow up to three characters, second character is free but the third chara is allowed after 200 pts from the first two characters. Characters can be from the same group but not more than two members. 3. Inactive is set to one week after that you will have one warning, and two days to reply back or get kicked out, but you are welcome to apply back, semi hiatus is two weeks, and hiatus is one month you may extend it twice. Please comment if you're checking out from our hotel. 4. Dating ban is one week, wedding is two months after dating plus 500 points, move in couples are allowed. 5. All internationals, povs, and only straight allowed. Password is moonlight. 6. Ic drama is ok as long as all parties agree as for ooc drama if it get to much let an admin know or if we admins see it get out of hand we will step in. 7. Make sure everyone feels welcome, and don't only stick to those you know. Be friendly meaning No user/face chasing. 8. It's a hotel for idols, meaning you're still an idol but what you're doing in the hotel is up to your imagination. 9. is allowed in walls and PMs only and limited to certain rated rooms. Please do not ualize minors.
the application

the admins


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flippy-- 5 hours ago
hello can you put christian, minhoe and yeol on hiatus? i'll be very busy until the end of the month :<
SadisticWitch 13 hours ago
Hey, just wanted to let you know that Melanie and Tom will be leaving. I have a lot going on in my personal life right now and I don't have time to be involved in full rp's like this. I had fun while I was here, but it's not fair for me to take up characters that won't be used. I wish you the best of luck <3
Latte_ 19 hours ago
Can I CC Bill to Chris Evans
smoothiefiend 1 day ago
Can I cc Kentaro to Michael Vlamis
ninelives 1 day ago
Please add Alexa Demie
redsparrow 1 day ago
mustardnim 1 day ago
put me on hiatos please
Fxcker 1 day ago
Could I have Selena Gomez as a second ouo
dprian 1 day ago
good evening, is there any room for a johnny seo? :n)
Potate 1 day ago
May I have Lim Bora? c:
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