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FFS :: friends for sin
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bored of all the soft rps?

we are here to change it up.

be raw and honest.

be dirty.

no need to hide anything.

it's okay, you are among friends.

friends who will stick with you through thick and thin.

through your sins.
1. favorite before applying. upvoting is optional but appreciated! check the masterlist and comment full name of your chosen faceclaim. reservations last 1 day. after being accepted, put a display picture asap, and reach 50 points within 3 days.
2. this is a only place, men only. all of faceclaims must be 18+! this is to prevent ualizing minors. internationals are welcome! and so are all kinds of celebreties, not only idols. we are nonau, so you are the celebrity himself. We reserve the right to refuse problematic celebrities! 
3. you can have up to four characters. you can unlock the second by advertising the rp in a blog post. you can unlock the third when your first two characters reach 500 points each. you can unlock the fourth after being 6 weeks in the roleplay, upvoting and your first three characters having 750 points each. you can't have more than two characters from the same group. 
4. do try to be inclusive. we have our friends and biases so we understand, but don't bubble yourself up. also make an effort to make friends.
5. we allow mpreg, for more info see the baby room!
6. There's no dating ban but we do recommend to make friends and get to know your partner before diving in! the Password is "when you call my name". Also, do not ignore friends and others once in a relationship! move-in couples are welcome! state it in your application and post the date and relationship status in the couple room.
7. keep to personal rooms, walls and pms.
8. ic drama is allowed, but discuss ooc. avoid ooc drama, if you have an issue try to confront the person in private. if you cannot resolve it on your own, contact an admin. in general, feel free to approach any admin with an issue you see. refrain from anonymous callouts. 
9. this is not a necessarily soft place. we do not shy away from some controversial topics or dirty jokes, and we do not force positivity, please consider that before joining, thank you. however, we expect you to be respectful of others.
10. inactivity is set to 7 days. first warning is 2 days, second warning is 1 day. There is no third warning.
11. hiatus? pm admin ayumu.  leaving? pm any admin.
12. use the rooms (you can request rooms to rp in in the respective room) and have fun!
name :: [ ex. park jinyoung ]
age :: [ ex. 25 ]
group/occupation :: [ ex. got7 ]
password :: [ read rules ]
how to join
1. check the masterlist if your fc is available!
2. comment with full name
3. reservations last 1 day.
4. favorite before applying!
5. put a display picture as soon as you can!
6. reach 50 points within 3  days.
urgent wishes here
24/sep/2020: ffs orientation camp
06/apr/2020: FFS thot awards
29/Feb/2020:: revamp and reopen on leap day! let's take a leap together!


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toothlessplanet 2 days ago
can i cc yesung to hongjoong pls?
-kiterunner- 2 days ago
jung sungmin (lune) from dkb, please!
grimraven 4 days ago
sorry i was trying to think of who i want....
after looking at the wishlist
maybe Zitao for me?
toothlessplanet 4 days ago
Hi my loves can I put all my boys on a short hiatus? I've been going through some pain stuff and I have no idea what's happening to me :,) just for a week hopefully I'll get better by then.
-oliver 5 days ago
Helloooo, can I have back wooyoung and change him to Kim Woosung if possible? ^^ if not, thats okay and you can just reserve Woosung for me, thank you in advance!
everythingoes 6 days ago
Could I have Hong Dabin please
LeGoLaSs 6 days ago
Can I get Wu Yifan (Kris) from EXO added and reserved? :3
Freakazoid27 6 days ago
I'm probably doing this on an impulse. But could I get a 4th?
jangstar 6 days ago
yang hongseok please
toothlessplanet 1 week ago
clears throat
so i'm here for a fourth
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