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  ★★★ ℰtude ℋouse ★★★

+ idol roleplay + entertainment au roleplay + straight roleplay + 1st, 2nd and 3rd pov.  
+ 07 males
+ 08 females
+ about the roleplay
etude house is owned by a former idol, Stephanie hwang. at first, she build this company as a one-man company and now it has become bigger and also houses a lot of artists such as idols, stylist,actor and many more. eventhough this is a newly opened company, etude house promised a very high skilled training for those whom will joining in later either as an actor/actress or as an idol or even as a stylist. etude house will provide everything their artists needed without hesitation.
like many other company, etude house also has goals and vision. etude house vision is to be the number 1 company that will provide the world their best artist with lots of skills just like the company name, etude which means improving skills. for the goals,etude house wanted to produce artists that have many skills in different areas and not only focusing on one area only. another of etude house's goal is to be known in a global level together with their artist.etude house and also PRODUCES IDOL WITH MANY SKILLS. ETUDE HOUSE IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY BECAUSE the moment an idol join in, they will be provided with the best training until they are ready to debut as groups or even as solo idol. etude house aims are to produce As many as a SKILLFUL IDOLs THAT are NOT ONLY GOOD IN SINGING BUT WILL ALSO DISCOVER OTHERS AREA ALSO SUCH AS ACTING, VARIETY SHOWS AND ETC. etude house also aims to be a well-known company and be recognized in the global level together with their artists.
extra info!
Once joining in, if you're interested in being an idol or actor and actress, all idols and actor/actress must undergo a few training until they are worth to be a real idol. that means, once you joined, you will have to be a trainee until you got 300 points for your character and only then you're allowed to debut as idol, actor or actress. all group names will be either provided by the admin or upon requests of the character but to debut as a group or solo idol will be decided by the admin. but, if you have requested to be in a group or as a solo in your form, the admin would reconsider it. 
as for others, you are allowed to take the job as you wanted.
Tiffany young

+ she is strict
+ loves pink
+ specialty in singing
seo joohyun

+ fact 1
+ fact 2
+ fact 3
song mingi

+ fact 1
+ fact 2
+ fact 3
"read the infos + point claims too after you read the rules. It's important~"
Hello guys admin seo here... Hehehe.. Hit me up on my wall.. Quite late but I still will you all.. Anything for others things you can pm me and I'll help you  *_*
 it's ace! and i love my fluffballs~
+ rules & app
1. favorites the rp is a must while upvote is optional 2. this is a straight rp so no other orientation are allowed 3. this is an au roleplay so you're not an idol. you are only faceclaim their faces and voice. the characteristics of your character is upon yourself. but, no face chasing 4. no ooc drama. ic drama is allowed only if both party agree to it 5. inactivity lasts for 7 days. you will only get two warnings before the admin removes your character (password: roleplay name) 6. dating is only allowed after 2 weeks of joining while for pregnancy is only allowed after one month of dating period including move-in couples. however these does not apply to the idols as they have to debut first before they can date 7. stating that you wanted to be in a group or solo is not guaranteed to be granted but will be considered by the admin 8. once joining, you must get at least 20 points to ensure activitiy.
how to join:
stage name:
occupation (check job list if you choose to be other than idol):
talents (max 3):
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Welcome to lee naeun and jung soojung!
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wang yiren
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FiascoNMK 1 hour ago
Can I have Krystal if she is available?
vulpecula 1 day ago
if naeun (april) is available, please a&r her for me? thanks in advance
BiBiBi 2 days ago
can I get changmin? i was him before I left..but I decided to come back..just not as active
mxchi_ 6 days ago
can you add park jimin please?
movingground 1 week ago
can you add jung eunbi please?
enchantedrixue 1 week ago
could you please reserve red velvet's irene for me?
yuzUWU 1 week ago
can you also add and reserve Yoo Kihyun for me?
buttermilk 1 week ago
Add and reserve BlackPink's Kim Jisoo for me please
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Hi, quick question!
Are move in couples allowed?
yuzUWU 1 week ago
huang renjun please?
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