༄հҽɑѵҽղ օղ ҽɑɾԵհ༄ ready for your task? Where are our little humans and angels?

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God, angels and all that stuff doesn't exist? Humans are independent to handle everything on their own? Oh please, you should know better than that.

With all the changes came more danger and those weak creatures need a helping, guiding presence more desperately than ever and now you could say that half of heaven's population had to move to earth in order to prevent bigger problems. Some angels decided to show themselves to their assigned humans, some prefer to adjust and pretend to be one of them for some reason. Everyone has preferences after all, right?

Let's see if they can handle the responsibility without getting too attached to their assigned person.
1. Favorite before applying. No heart, no access.
2. No ooc drama as you might already know, ic drama is allowed as long as the people involved are okay with it. Same goes for triggering plots.
3. Two faces per rper- one angel and one human unless stated otherwise or you've got an admin's permission.
4. No face claims under 18 just to be save. Changing age is only possible for angels, humans need to keep the real person's age.
5. Inactivity sign appears after 7 days and then you've got 24h to get rid of it before being removed. Please inform an admin about a hiatus and PM when leaving.
6. Try to roleplay with an assigned partner even if it's not your fave. At least for a bit. Password is sky high.
7. Guys only by the way. Mpreg is allowed if both rpers agree. 
8. Head to the assignment room after being accepted and have fun!
full nameKim Hosung
passwordfind it
Those are regular people, with the usual problems or worse ones, depending on who it is and how unlucky they are. Some believe in angels and heaven while others don't. It's their choice after all.

In this case being guardian angels, they are holy beings with one purpose or job- to protect the weak humans. They can either choose to stay invisible or show themselves with or without wings even though the second choice would be the better one. We don't want to scare everyone away, do we? Oh by the way, most of them have a special ability to make things a bit easier.
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ukiss7 3 days ago
Chanyeol plz
Lixuryboi 6 days ago
Gasps dramatically cause it's open again ;;u;;

Would you say no if I wanted all my babies back? Fjsndma

Jeongin please
TaeTaesQueen 1 week ago
can i get Choi JunHong for me please
ukiss7 1 week ago
Can i get donghae sweetness added and reserved please
mxchi_ 1 week ago
i remember that i used to be here omg-
hmm, any desired faceclaims?
sunako-chan 1 week ago
Hello, byun baekhyun for me!
pisspuppy 1 week ago
hello. can i get jeon jeongguk?
sunako-chan 1 week ago
hi, can i get kim jongdae?
starlette 1 week ago
could I please have Bang Chan as an angel?
LalalalandofJungkook 1 week ago
Im interested by your concept. Can I join, and can I have a BTS's Park Jimin?
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