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perhaps you were born into it, perhaps you yearned to join the ranks of the illegal out of naive curiousity, or perhaps you stumbled into it accidentally; welcome to the underbelly of seoul, south korea. no one here is innocent.

this is an #alternate universe #city role-play where all members are required to be affiliated with the underworld. you can form a #gang, or join one others have made, or do your own thing. this theme is common here on rpr, so I trust you're familiar with it.
the key point here is that there will be no ic room and the role-play is #3rd pov only (minimum post length of 4 lines).
the password is listed somewhere in this box.

001. please be aware that this place has no ic room and will never have one. if you are not confident you can be active here, don't bother joining.
002. inactivity sets in after 7 days. pm an admin to go on (semi-)hiatus. please favourite the rp.
003. all orientations, all genders but only third pov. for those who normally role-play 1st pov, don't let this scare you off. 4 lines aren't difficult to write.
004. you can have as many characters as you like. in exchange, each time you go inactive without being on (semi-)hiatus, your inactive characters will be deactivated. you can have them reactivated by paying a fine of 500 points.
005ic drama is welcome. it is your responsibility to state on your profile what drama you do not allow (e.g. , mutilation, etc.). no character death in this role-play.
006. [click here] to choose a gang. the procedure for forming your own gang is also described there.
007. upon joining, you will be asked to put up a profile within 48 hours. make sure to do so.
008. god-modding is strictly forbidden.
009. if you are struggling to design a character, you can let an admin know. i suggest looking at other characters' profiles for inspiration (and to see what we already have).
010. use brackets when speaking in ooc in ic rooms.
011. minimum character age is 15. minors may only with minors. this means, you cannot role-play between a 16- and a 19-year old.
012. there is a two week dating ban. no pregnancies and the option to marry each other will be added (much) later.
013. favourite the rp first, then comment to reserve a character. we won't react if you have not favourited. secondly, upon a character being reserved you have 3 days to apply for it.
014coming soon. the password is 'zhou yan xi'.
Zhou Yan Xi
NAME & AGE: zhou yan xi, 32
JOB: gang leader / ceo
PASSWORD: in the rules
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disrespect 2 weeks ago
awe man srsly love the plot !
lmk if you ever revamp <3
Nogoodkid 3 weeks ago
sorry i'll be dropping jongjin
never rped with him T_T
JungHyoSun13 3 weeks ago
Sorry to everyone Minshik was rping and plotting with but I have to bounce D: best of luck to you all and the rp though!
JungHyunki23 3 weeks ago
Hey just wanted to let you know I’m dropping YB
8ac0a4b972bd6f5f9839 1 month ago
Can I get Jung Yeongkyun?
[comment deleted by owner]
66168611c0572e12c08f 1 month ago
a&r Jung Eunbi please~
Meridians 1 month ago
Hi! Please add Meto for me, thanks
Yukiko 1 month ago
daybreak 1 month ago
Could I have Kim Bobae pls
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