【 L O V E ♫ S H O T 】— chill rp meant for writers who'd like to freeverse, , find rp partners, do plots they desire of any genre or au┊only accepting with writing sample proof┊MOVED

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rp information

head admin sparklygayassglitter

opening date october 10 2019

featured dateoctober 10 2019

roleplay type freeverse

note 1plot based

note 2heavy ooc interactions

note 3self paced place

featured members


ay, this is supposed to a chill place for people wanna rp and freeverse but don't have a place to do so. here, the people are accepted after providing a writing sample so it's solely made with the purpose of finding actual writers and partners to write with. you can do anything here because it's freeverse. if you don't know what that means, it basically means you can do any au here, as well as idol/nonau. with that said, do not expect events and heavy activity with this rp. 

rules & guidelines

001. upvote the rp. why do i make you upvote instead? to weed out creepers trying to join on second or new accounts. favorites aren't required but appreciated. 

002. only join here if you're serious about writing. the application is based on writing sample so if i feel you aren't fit for the rp, i simply won't accept you.

003. respect others preferences, writing style, kinks, etc. do not godmod, force what you like on others. 

004. there's gonna be a lot of ooc interactions in this rp for plotting and discussing so no ooc drama. you won't get a warning. i will kick you out.

005. although this is a chill rp, the activity is set for 20 days. the reason is because i don't want you to hog a character. so make use of rooms if you can. otherwise, i will think you're hogging a character and not rping. You’ll he given one warning and you’ll have to respond within 10 hours before you are kicked.

006. everything is allowed with consent so please communicate with your partner. if they say no, it means no. 

007. you must put up a profile consisting of genres/aus you like as well as kinks. because this is a freeverse, that's the way people will plot with you. It doesn't have to be fancy. just want what you want and what you like.

008. If you want a second, you must make an advertisement blog about this and show you have 1 public thread going on. comment with blog link + thread room name for a second. for a 3rd, you must show proof that you have at least 3 threads going on in public rooms. for a fourth, make a blog with plots you have. plots, not threads. post a blog with plots you have and link it to the rp. they can be open or taken plots as long as they are yours. for a fifth, make a blog with the reasons why you think people should join love shot. you can not have more than one character from the same group. 

009. No relationships. this is meant for freeverse and ; you catching feelings ruin the fun.

010. all face claims must be legal of age internationally. with that said, you must be 18+ ooc if you want to in this rp hence the ooc age in the application.

011. if you whine or complain that your writing , you will be kicked out. we only encourage positive vibes here. with that said, we will help you improve but you must be willing and free of negativity. no warnings will be given if you complain. i will kick you out. 

012. pm wong yukhei if you are leaving. if you leave without informing him, you will not be let back into this rp.

application forms

note: writing sample must be at least 10 sentences. not 10 lines but 10 sentences. comment your sample in the rp if it does not fit in the application

writing sample:

favorite au or genres: 

favorite kinks: (skip if you're underage)

character uality:

your ooc age:

password: summarize rule #7

note:  I reserve the right to reject you.

our admins

main admin

gmt -8


oh sehun



gmt -5


kim Jongin



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seo soojin



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gmt -7


Ten Lee...



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sparklygayassglitter [A] 2 months ago
【 L O V E ♫ S H O T ♫ 2.0 】—OPEN NOW!

cancel 6 months ago
reaccept dawg please
Queenofsins 7 months ago
I have a question about second Charas
First is the non Male ban lifted? Because my first is female so I wanted to get a Male
Second the public room thread atm I only have threads in those hidden rooms do I need to get one in a public room too or do they also count?
And Third I have to make an advertisement blog no problem with that at all but like when it come to HTML I have two left hands so dose the blog have to be made pretty or can I just make it like a blog post about the rp and how it is and why I like it?
Oh and need help to make a desicion because right now its between park junhee because someone recomend him to me or Huang Jingyu. I need a chara that looks like he can be both top and bottom so I'm still a little between chairs on who
darkdesires 7 months ago
hello hello, could I have Selena Gomez added for me please? Thank you
athanasiax 7 months ago
please add and reserve lin yun. thanks!
lucky4432 7 months ago
hey, can i reserve min yoongi if he’s available?
ProudShawol 7 months ago
May I have park jimin
LilithPrincess 7 months ago
Hello, could you add & reserve the japanese model Rina for me please? :3
athanasiax 7 months ago
I would like to join but I just created my account and I can't upvote yet D: I keep forgetting my password for rr huhuhu is there some way I can prove I'm not a creep second profile for more characters kind of little person? Q n Q
Naheehee122 7 months ago
Can you add and reserve Kim Nahee for me please?
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