Pastel Moon ↻ new! many characters ↻ non-au ↻ revamping ↻ everyone is welcomed and loved

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pastel moon
// admins
name here
name here
// about pastel moon
Welcome to Pastel Moon. Welcome to our personal escape. A place for everyone to feel soft special and loved.
We want everyone to have a good time here with each other. To give you that special little family that you have always looked for.
so why don't you come and give us a chance to pamper and love you the way you should be.
Daehwi will give you cookies~
// rules to follow
1. Please favorite the roleplay, upvoting is not required but is much appreciated.
2. You are allowed to have 5 characters. second right off the bat, third after 100pts and fourth after a blog ad. Can receive 5th with approval feom admin.. Face claim must be 16+
3. Please be respectful to everyone and the admins. We are doing our best to make this place fun and loving. With that no OOC or IC drama. If anyone has any issues please come to an admin and we'll discuss it.
4. No dating ban but please mingle.
5. This is an non-au so yes you are idols/famous here.
6. pw is feel special
7. Inactivity is set for 8 days. That's more then enough time for you to post at least once to stay active. There will be no warnings.
8. If you are leaving the rp please pm an admin. Do not comment it below.
9. Llast but not least have fun.
10/20/19 -halloween ball tbd
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00/00/19 - Event Name
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Full Name: 
( ex. Lee Daehwi ) 
( ex. 18 ) 
( ex: AB6IX)  
Password + Timezone:  
( read the rules ) 


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tataebae 7 months ago
thank you for having me
but both Zhan and Taehyung will be taking their leave
im sorry for not being so active life is justttt not treating me too well
tataebae 8 months ago
uwu hellooo~
may I have Xiao Zhan and Taehyung of BTS?? please and thank youuuu?
jindda 8 months ago
Hey. Can I?
jindda 8 months ago
I'll come back soon. Love you, Sungie.
mrbrightside 8 months ago
hey hey can i get jongsuk back-
sorry i switched accounts heh
sushirollxo 8 months ago
May i reserve lee sungkyung pls
almightykeytten 8 months ago
Oh. May I get Yoo Youngjae as a second?
jindda 8 months ago
Hey love, can Namjoon and Francisco be put on a week semi-hiatus pls. Thanks!
thanatos- 8 months ago
Song Mingi please
mononoaware 8 months ago
park jimin please
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