Shinjusan || In a world where everyone is afraid, where do you stand? || Brand New and Accepting || 50 points to anyone that starts as a member of Ripple Inc.

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In a world where everyone is afraid, where do you stand?. Scroll>>>
Shunjisan - A large city in central China that is where this roleplay is set. It is inspired by Beijing and has ultra-modern areas mixed with old-fashioned, traditional areas. The city is almost always busy.
Humans - Those that we deem “normal”
Mutants - Those with various abnormalities. These could be slight physical mutations, or something stronger that’s given you an ability.
Ripple Inc. - An organisation with strong ties to the government. They are the face of all those that are scared of what mutants are capable of. Ripple Inc. has persuaded the government to introduce laws that force mutants to register any abilities they discover and to apply for permission to have children of there own, all with the intent of forcing mutants to stay subservient and to breed them out of existence.
The Tide - A new pro-mutant group lead by The Mariner. The Tide are ruthless in their aim to exact revenge on behalf of all mutants. They behave similarly to a terrorist group.
Read the description and decide upon a muse. Comment below with their name, then fill out the application over yonder >>>>
Please note, in order to see more faces than the usual, predictable faces, members of certain groups cannot be used are your muses. These are as follows:
Idols that are in active Big 3 groups (SM, YG, JYP) that debuted less than ten years ago
Project groups that were formed on a competition and haven't yet disbanded (IZ*One, Nine Percent, etc)
Humans, those that are what the majority sees as normal are still the majority, though a growing number of abnormalities have been found Shinjusan City. These abnormalities vary from additional digits to full psychic abilities amongst others. Tensions have began to rise. Humans are afraid of what these mutants can do and mutants are afraid of what humans will do to keep them subdued.
Amongst the chaos, two organisitions are rising up. Ripple Inc. specialises in the suppression of mutants, while The Tide aims to take revenge on the humans for the damage they have already caused.

The question is, where do you fit in?
All orientations, nationalities, and writing styles allowed.
No face chasing or bubble roleplaying. Dating ban is 2 weeks.
All muses must be over 18. You can age your character up or down by a maximum of 7 years but all characters must be over 18 years of age.
All hate speech against all genders, ualities, kinks etc is prohibited. The password is how your character feels about the other race.
Anything goes as long as your partner is okay with it and it keeps on theme.
You must have a profile picture and basic information on your profile (not your status) within 24 hours. You must gain 35 posts within 7 days of joining.
You can start with 3 characters provided you upvote and write a blog post. Each additional character is 50 points from each existing character you own?
There is a starting limit of 2 or 3 powers depending on how threatening these powers are. Further powers can be bought with points. Admins have the right to decide if your power (or combination of power) is too over powered.
Enjoy yourself.
Power: (Mutants)
Admin Name
Admin Name
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Sorry bebs, im not as active here, so junki is out
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Lauren left.
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oh gosh this would be dope to join but idk who to be.

However good news is literally all my muses follow your rules~
hidenseek 1 month ago
Do you guys wants more human or mutants?
unadulterated 1 month ago
hi can I reserve yoo taeyang?
Pressdeletus 1 month ago
Ngl I've been staring at this rp for a week lol
Xingye pls
djinnamon 1 month ago
()Um, did you delete my character?
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a&r jung jaehyun please
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a&r Lee Junki please~
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