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leashes & lectures
lEashes & lectures
について about
For many years people have found themselves
uncomfortable, feeling unsafe, or even angry
at the idea of the unknown or different. when
the existence of hybrids, both born and
mutated, came to light, people weren't too
keen on accepting them. they were treated
as pets or less than human - they
weren't welcomed into society.

slowly, very slowly they began to seep into
the population - to be seen as normal. still,
many places didn't want workers or students
that were 'freaks of nature cursed by god'
which lead to the construction of Unify
university - a place where humans and
hybrids coexist in a casual environment.

the univeristy is a place for those around to
get used to hybrids as well as for hybrids to
get used to humans on a level that didn't
involve fear. everyone is to be treated fairly
and with the same rules and regulations.
アドミン admins
name here
name here
yungblud - casual sabotage
たルール rules
1. favorite the rp; upvotes are loved.

2. This is a college au, meaning you can be as creative as your heart desires.

3. anything is welcome as this is based on
real life, so by all means, be realistic.
however, triggering plots need to be in
rated rooms + please have your
partners permission for certain things.

4. mpreg is allowed; marriage is, too. 3 kids
per couple and no dating ban.

5. Unlimited muses, just keep them active. this
is unlocked by a blog post for second and
the rest are free.

6. The password is simple.
students, put your major and your
teachers, put your class. + make sure your
profile is up within 48 hours.

応用 application
human or hybrid:
animal: ( be specific! )

+ we do accept move in couples.
+ leaving without telling the main gets you blacklisted.
+ your muse must be at least 18.


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raewon 21 hours ago
hi hi
LalalalandofJungkook 1 week ago
Is Park Jimin available?
Crazystar32 1 month ago
do you guys have any openings?
kookiesnmilk 1 month ago
can I get josh santos?
Titanium_heart 1 month ago
Can you add Johnny Seo for me please? I'll post the blog and apply when I wake up ^^
Kim4Shim 1 month ago
I would love to be part of here. Are there some guys people wish for?
Titanium_heart 1 month ago
Please add Kim Mingyu for me
makkuro 1 month ago
hiya, are you guys still accepting?
WangXianXian 2 months ago
Please add and reserve Xiao Zhan for me please
babydiino 2 months ago
How active are you guys, if you dont mind me asking? :)
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