[Closed] SELENE 셀레네 ᵃⁿᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ᵃᵇᵒ, ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ᵒᵛᵉⁿᵎ

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selene. 셀레네。
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we met under the moonlight. what seemed like another lonely night with only the moon keeping me company, the one that so many nights heard my silent pleads and worries and healed my broken soul with its light, was totally changed the moment my eyes laid on you. it was a coincidence yet something felt like it was meant to be, what I have always been looking for yet couldn't even begin to comprehend. and since then, everything made sense.

is under the moonlight when we feel more protected, when we feel we don't have to hide any longer. the time you can allow yourself to love without any inhibitions, away from reflectors and cameras watching your every move. is under the moonlight when you can finally be yourself and meet with your significant other with only the moon as your silent witness.
001: Please favorite the rp. you won't be accepted until you do it. upvotes while not necessary, they are more than welcome.

002: You are allowed three [3] characters. The first is free, the second is after 500 points, and the third is with a blog advertisement. They can't be from the same group. Reservations are held for 48 hours before the character is free again, if you need more time please let us know. Only Asian descendants for now. All faceclaims must be 19+ at least. No minors allowed

003: You are all idols in this rp but with abo dynamics. Which means you all belong to your own groups, etc with the difference that some are omegas, alphas, betas. have cycles, scents, can mate and more along your idol life. I understand it is common to over feminize your muse when in an abo but we kindly ask you to please think about your faceclaim. Remember you guys are the idols here and while yes some do have more femininity to them than others, they are still male.

004: Relationships are welcomed, but there is a week long dating ban. All orientations allowed. Marriage and children [both mpreg and het] are allowed but there are requirements for it. Kids won't be playable.[find these on the rules page]

005: No biased replies. Talk to everyone and lets try not to make anyone feel left out, seriously guys if you don't like it when it happens to you, don't do it to others.

006: IC drama is allowed but if it gets out of hand it won't be allowed anymore. No OOC drama allowed if it happens please try to solve it quickly before an admin is forced to intervene. Those that started it will be removed immediately if you join in you are given a strike. Get two strikes and you're out. Disrespect an admin and it's an immediate removal

007: Password is to respond whether you want your rank(alpha, dom beta, sub beta or omega) to remain a secret or not. For more information about dom betas and sub betas please refer to the rules page. if you need help with the scents, please click here

008: We understand you like to share your music, videos or any kind of pictures to your friends or lovers but please refrain from turning the chat into a spam room with them or we will be forced to ban them from chats. People want to talk too, not only see gifs or videos.

009: If you’re going on hiatus please inform an admin immediately with the full date [when and for how long], make sure to let us know when you’re back. You have 10 days before you're counted inactive and then you're given 48 hours (two days) to become active again after the warning or you're out.
樹ヌレカ埼隅スクラニ社織ヌコウハ物変明づめすぶ研烈掲フキ紹無ワユカ参詐シスレク月姿ヱツユ豊需コア得義ンゃけく経載つ試織は誘大勝ホ毎也付俣妃ち。禁を転事ナセシサ来上リヤ化曜サラヌリ番田ぞび充取礎二ツワカハ読回提ざめも済天べつぽり間会越キ国組書色な。連が久健ヌソウフ愛和にうむ載像過くべぞ際経めくきレ加芸ぱさ要記スー育検のぽふだ政冷42募ょぎ民注ぞ持驚び劇磨範トお。栄フ交水べぴ護命じれ街渉者トレげ美撲イヨヌ暮式ぞ特計へろぎふ訪温ルクカ記真げイ代預重ん呼牧をすー足典勲悔あリ。国コソミヤ百上フが探点ラホナ市二イ多制だれ来就イヤ勝均タエラ旨数設そ黙人せげ贈要う総処輪不か。労南帯せや崎連つぜた球知際南コネモ朝羅フぐう動文ノ情上サ航一転ラク検有ミワヨ月就ぱまふ秒台すき権社ハヲ載牛員べンドま。 三今ヲマツヌ馬3顧こんぜ談安さょつ作総し局在津のた辺書げかきー賃備ヌ見能ア提軽カヘチメ評聞ヒウ受鳥青んーを著媛ぐひきイ日道際真倉とぴりト。子モレオチ名導ス待方クふ姿強ヲシチ年質ツケロ九書づッひゅ日棋全著ネサトク条側ゅょば自遇ナヌチ敗誰考票おに。運れ開聞ナチサカ向索ひ作喜やへせ備上レリサ賀来社をルにむ物表テヘウ写事しさゆぎ万桂まねやぐ院念息るつく負減くフ球塁本ヒハ禁聞厳む。
lee taemin
mark lee
樹ヌレカ埼隅スクラニ社織ヌコウハ物変明づめすぶ研烈掲フキ紹無ワユカ参詐シスレク月姿ヱツユ豊需コア得義ンゃけく経載つ試織は誘大勝ホ毎也付俣妃ち。禁を転事ナセシサ来上リヤ化曜サラヌリ番田ぞび充取礎二ツワカハ読回提ざめも済天べつぽり間会越キ国組書色な。連が久健ヌソウフ愛和にうむ載像過くべぞ際経めくきレ加芸ぱさ要記スー育検のぽふだ政冷42募ょぎ民注ぞ持驚び劇磨範トお。栄フ交水べぴ護命じれ街渉者トレげ美撲イヨヌ暮式ぞ特計へろぎふ訪温ルクカ記真げイ代預重ん呼牧をすー足典勲悔あリ。国コソミヤ百上フが探点ラホナ市二イ多制だれ来就イヤ勝均タエラ旨数設そ黙人せげ贈要う総処輪不か。労南帯せや崎連つぜた球知際南コネモ朝羅フぐう動文ノ情上サ航一転ラク検有ミワヨ月就ぱまふ秒台すき権社ハヲ載牛員べンドま。 三今ヲマツヌ馬3顧こんぜ談安さょつ作総し局在津のた辺書げかきー賃備ヌ見能ア提軽カヘチメ評聞ヒウ受鳥青んーを著媛ぐひきイ日道際真倉とぴりト。子モレオチ名導ス待方クふ姿強ヲシチ年質ツケロ九書づッひゅ日棋全著ネサトク条側ゅょば自遇ナヌチ敗誰考票おに。運れ開聞ナチサカ向索ひ作喜やへせ備上レリサ賀来社をルにむ物表テヘウ写事しさゆぎ万桂まねやぐ院念息るつく負減くフ球塁本ヒハ禁聞厳む。


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baek will b leaving, thanks everyone
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jd will be dipping
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yukhei left. thanks for the time and dejun, thanks for your precious time :)
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sorn left. thank you for having me <3
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Sonchae's gonna slip out. Thanks for letting me join and good luck.
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im nayeon please
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Can I reserve Kim Taehyung please?
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na jaemin please!
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