☆.。.:* BLUE DREAM .。.:*☆ // you haven't felt true euphoria until you've dealt with what we got ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* tis the season to be tired, lovely and must we not forget; C R A C K Y ♡ [ WE'RE ACCEPTING APPS AGAIN, SO J O I N N O W !! ]

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青い夢 // blue dream
// admin squad
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// about blue dream
" You'll go far on the back of a potato; making french fries in the snow. Then you'll steal, then you'll borrow, you'll be red, you'll be gold then you'll steal then you're right. Somebody getting farther then getting to the better of the betting, alright? *

Welcome to Blue Dream where our sole purpose is to merely kick back, relax, and like those lyrics; make a little bit of nonsense. This is one fresh nonau where FREEDOM is the key word, so if you're looking for an escape, you found it! Spread the word and come hang with us!
// rules to follow
1. R E S P E C T. In other words; no ooc and unconsented ic drama, no bashing, no ualizing minors, etc. We want this to be a fun, friendly and most importantly a comfortable place for everyone! If either of the admins catch you breaking this rule, you will be warned and/or kicked out from the rp.
2. LOVE IS LOVE! All nationalities and orientations are welcomed as well as move in couples!! (please state your official date in the app!) There is a dating ban of 4 days, so note that and kindly keep all rated content to the appropriate rooms, walls and pm. All pregnancies are allowed only after marriage.
3. Everyone is granted an unlimited ownership to how many characters they can have. Please keep them all active and when reserving, give us the faceclaim's full name! (reservations last 48 hours).
4. The dreaded inactivity sign appears after a week of zero activity. Once you go inactive, you will be removed from the rp, however, you are free to return at anytime! Password is your favorite song right now.
5. Busy? Let us know in our hiatus room by posting a possible date of return! (semi hiatus is 2 weeks while a max hiatus is 4 weeks; expansions are available IF absolutely needed) If you're leaving, try to PM an admin. All departure comments will be deleted.
6. If you have any questions or concerns, please message an admin and we'll do our best to assist you!! Have fun!! xx
00/00/19 - Event Name
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00/00/19 - Event Name
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00/00/19 - Event Name
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Full Name: 
( ex. hwang hyunjin ) 
( ex. 19 ) 
( ex. stray kids ) 
( ex. biual ) 
( read the rules ) 


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ylenoL 15 hours ago
lisa please?
thanatos- 1 day ago
Is there a reason my Shownu (Son Hyunwoo) was deleted?
fiendfyre 1 day ago
Just wondering if you want miyawaki sakura or myoui mina more?
[comment deleted by owner]
muteki 1 week ago
Seo Changbin please!
babymochi 1 week ago
i was just about to post in chat and then my comp crashed now i'm not in here-- i--
*sulks away*
grandpa 1 week ago
can I reserve park sunyoung
difficultcheese 1 week ago
A+R Lee Hoseok for me please
thanatos- 1 week ago
Please add Son Hyunwoo
star_dust 1 week ago
Jung Jaehyun please?
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