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created by devilish / lovethevoid
obsidian empire
est. 2019
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“Invitation by royal decree, You are cordially welcome to the Obsidian recruitment gala masquerade hosted by Sir Alister Warhol. ”
If you have received this invitation by mistake, be cautious— Don't lose yourself to the madness.
If you do end up signing the recruitment letter to Lieseil Inc. and Warhol Stars to join their party to be a part of their movement, then be ready to soon head out to the Obsidian Empire— An island founded you wouldn’t even believe could exist— a near utopia.

Though as all good things come, it’s merely all just a facade.

As beautiful as the world looks like from the outside, word has it that there’s a darkness hidden deep behind the big companies.

It is rumoured that Liesel Inc. and Warhol Stars organizations have been seen setting up laboratories and sanitariums to test their patently evil mind control experiments on the people that come.L

ieseil Inc. has this serum or remedy where they capture certain people— not to kill them— and do the worst thing, which is separating their soul and taking the individuality from them. In a way, it’s worse than dying. Some are said to have even been seen with their hair turned from blond to black, not only altering them mentally, but physically as well. People come out completely different, not a trace of their own self left over. Victims are doomed to turn into mindless puppets.

On the other hand, people that work under Warhol have the very powerful quirk of persuasion. Don't get mixed up with these people— If you want to stay yourself, it's best to ignore them. Whether it's through beneficial means or threats, Warhol will convince you to lose yourself to the madness. They observe others silently from a distance before making a move, and they will strike you where you are most vunerable. It's better to not grow attached to anyone on this island— They could be used against you.

As they run tests on small groups of people at a time, others invited to the island are completely ignorant to the devilish things happening behind the curtains. They’ve grown attached to the new fancy lifestyle they were offered, and have developed the mindset that anyone who managed to escape and desperately searched for help were clinically insane criminals that are to be treated like trash below them and are to be reported back to Lieseil and Warhol.

Though, some subjects are lucky enough to be saved by the Revolutionists. Remington Leith, formerly escaped and known to Lieseil Inc. and Warhol Stars as “Patient X”, is now the leader of a group of rebels that are fighting to gain back their individuality and save the others.

“ We’re in a state of hallucination where we don’t know what is true in life anymore. We are strangers in our own bodies. ”

The one thing seems to save them from the temptations and evils of the island is kept a secret to a small trusted group in the rebel organisation themselves, a secret so important to their survival Lieseil and Warhol are trying to extract from them.

The reality is that once you’re too far gone, there might be no saving you, and your best chance of survival is to avoid falling in the first place. It may seem unbelievable at the time, but if a revolutionist approaches you, I suggest you take their hand.

Now there isn’t much time before you reach the island, so before you get there, it’s better to hurry and decide where you stand.

Will you allow yourself to live under Lieseil and Warhol’s lies? Turn into an experiment for them to toy with then toss to the trash?

Or, will you fight alongside the rebels to take down the evil organisations?

Anything could happen here in the Obsidian Empire...

Choose your side.
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run by lovethevoid
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section ╱ rules

favourite is a must, an upvote is greatly appreciated. favourite the roleplay before you apply for your character, please. Check the information page for ranks and positions in this roleplay.


IC drama is encouraged as long as all parties involved have plotted it out and discussed details beforehand. any ooc drama will not be tolerated. if there are any issues or conflicts that arise, please pm the main admin, remington leith.


Be inclusive of everyone in the roleplay— trust me, it will be much more entertaining to rp with more than just one person as plots here can get really twisted.


Inactivity is set to 7 days, notify an admin if you are going to need a hiatus. three inactivity strikes without notifying any of the admins will result in a removal and suspension of 24 hours before you are allowed back. hiatus lasts for 3 weeks. Reservations last for 48 hours, unless you specifically asked for more time to apply later.


5 characters per user. first character is free, second comes with a blog post. each character after that is 250 activity on each character you already own. you must stay active on all characters, dont take more than you can handle. you may only have one muse from the same group, unless you discuss it over with the main admin. the password is your favourite song / band.


dating ban is 1 week, though once you do settle down, make sure you are still actively trying to interact with as many people as you can. facechasing will not be tolerated and you will receive a strike if you are seen doing it— do not stick to just one person.


if you plan to leave the roleplay, please pm an admin as all leaving comments will be deleted. if you dont, you will not be allowed back if you wish to return in the future.


have fun! let your creativity run free and go wild— anything goes in this roleplay. feel free to experiment with dark elements in your plots if all parties mutually agree.

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damn_dameron 1 day ago
i really enjoy the concept of this place, but i'm afraid it's quite confusing to wrap my head around entirely. i will be taking my leave from zitao now. i enjoyed seeing everybody rp here, thank you for having me!
Mama_Crayon 1 day ago
Me again! Last character. Promise!
Kwon Jiyong please~
Fantasy_Dream 3 days ago
Hi, can I request a haitus for Seulfi and Eunyoung please~
Yukiko 3 days ago
bae joohyun please!
mizudori 5 days ago
dropping sooyoung and sana...
ButterBeerBaby21 5 days ago
Kawamoto Ruri Please
Kitteni 6 days ago
Choi Soobin pls?
TheKingofHearts 6 days ago
May I request Choi Yeonjun please?
yxngbae 1 week ago
hey :’))

i made the blog post idk if u want the link here or pm but can you please add and reserve Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Bambam) uwu
Panda69 1 week ago
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