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many packs have only been able to survive by isolating themselves from humanity and staying true to rigid, archaic hierarchy. Yet two wolves shared a dream of a better life for their kind. One where they could be in touch with nature, as their ancestors were, but also have the opportunity to stray from the oppressive structure that many packs upheld. Hoseok and Jimin wanted a place which promoted equality among the different breed classes. One would not be considered better than the other because of certain physiological traits and perceived weaknesses. It doesn't matter if you are a skinny, gentle alpha or a buff, brazen omega to them. What's important is that their pack members have a good heart and an open mind.
1) EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED WITHIN REASON BUT MAKE SURE YOUR RP PARTNER IS ALRIGHT WITH ANY EXTREME PLOTS. IC drama is okay, so long as both parties are informed. We have a zero tolerance policy for OOC drama. If you think you're going to have an issue, bring it up to an admin to mediate.

2) This is a
rated M rp, that does allow pups as playable characters. Any ualization of minors will not be tolerated and is an automatic kick, and ban.

3) Three characters allowed per roleplayer. When asking for a second or third, please post a comment on the roleplay. NO WARNING will be given to second/third characters if they are inactive. You will be given strikes for inactivity, 3rd strike and you are on a temporary ban for multiple characters.
Inactivity is 5 days.

4) 1!2!3! One week dating ban, two week mating ban, three week pregnancy ban. This means you may not date until a full week of being active in the roleplay. Two weeks into that relationship, will you be able to mate. Three weeks of being mates may you be able to have pups. Take your time and get to know everyone of the pack! Make friends so you don't feel locked down to one person. Lets build an amazing pack together!
5) Respect the plots of the roleplay. While we do not want to stiffle creativity, there must be some consistancy. We live in the woods and choose to be more connected to nature. No mansions or electrionic filled homes. Phones? Fine- Big screen TVs with game systems? That's a negative. Password: please write a suggestion for an event you'd like to see in the future. Homes are built here, not purchased. They come in the form of cabins and, again, are a luxury in themselves. Indoor elecricity would only be possible with generators. (Month ban on having a home, must post regularly in rooms to ensure you will use it!)
6) Semi hiatus is 1 month, hiatus is 2 months. You must clear your inactive sign within 24 hours after your hiatus is up or you will be removed.
7) There is no pack-wide heat season here. You manage your own heats and when they happen.
02 AGE:
03 JOB :
04 breed class: Alpha, Beta (versatile), Omega 
05 SCENT: (describe your character's scent)


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blood-and-stars 2 days ago
can i request vernon from seventeen? uwu
Werrew142 6 days ago
Can I join in...?

Damon ('Day') Louvel
Day is basically one of the pack's babysitters. He wants pups and so he helps raise them.
His scent is a sweet blend of rose and honey.
He was raised as an Alpha, because his pack was nearly all Alphas and both of his parents were. When he presented, instead of facing being an Omega in an almost all Alphas' pack, he left and joined this one.
PastelDream 1 week ago
Please may you add Jung Hoseok for me
MissRoyale 2 weeks ago
Yoongi will be leaving thanks~
Crazystar32 1 month ago
which one do we pick from? since they all have names under them?
Crazystar32 1 month ago
do we pick from the open characters or do we make our own?
MissRoyale 1 month ago
can you please add min yoongi~
self-love 2 months ago
Hihi ;; me again
I have muse this time I s w e a r
Choi Soobin
May I have him reserved?
sasibi 2 months ago
Could you please add B.I. of iKON?
TheExoticSky 2 months ago
for my 3rd char can I have jang dong woo please
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