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You're the one for me
EST. 2019
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typecrack crack crack
statusactive asf
wantedyou who is reading this
eventmaybe in the future or not
noticejoin this, that's what
openingLorem ipsum dolor
othernothing, just join
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You're the one
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brie larson
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wassup welcome, lovelies! this rp has no theme so it's just a place where you can crack, chill, and make friends along the way. i was bored and rpr has been quiet for the past few days which is why it's made. we already know this rp might die before 3 days even come so enjoy this rp while it lasts because if it goes quiet for a week, i'm closing this. well since you finished with this, go join wyd??
section : guidlines
1) favorite rp is a very must. upvoting is optional but i would be flattered if you did.
2) all nationalities and ualities is allowed.
3) what isn't allowed is facechasing, ooc /ic drama, bullying, godmodding, and most of all: no ualizing minors!
4) marriage and preggy is allowed but no mpreg.
5) keep only in walls and pms pls. no minors or innocent souls wanna see that.
6) the chatroom is rated m but please be mindful if someone does feel uncomfortable with what you say or/and do. 
7) please don't ignore anyone. everyone i mean everyone deserves to be noticed so please make them feel welcomed and loved okok?
8) the inactivity pops up after 5 days but really is this rp gonna last before those days come? if that inactive sign pops up, you're getting kicked out without a notice but you can always come back here.  
9) you can have up to 2 charas for free.
10) if you need an hiatus, please pm me okay? i'll even hold the chara for you because i'm awesome like that.
11) no dating ban because love has no time but remember: no facechasing. 
12) move in couples is allowed also.
13) reserved charas will be deleted in 24 hours. also comment below the person's full name, thanks. 
14) finally if you need anything or someone to talk to, my pms is open! i'll try my best as an admin to make you fully better and happy again. < 3
section : application
full name( ex: Brie larson )
group( ex: actress )
orientation( ex: heteroual )
timezone( Ex: gmt-4 )
passwordfav vine quote


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ELFminnie 1 week ago
Add and reserve Bae Seongbin and Lee Seungkyu for me pls
-pxpsi 1 week ago
add twice's kim dahyun please??
mephisto 1 week ago
hi cuties i know I just joined but can I get san cc-ed to park junhee pls heh. thank you!
tinytaeng 1 week ago
do y'all need more guys or gals?
mephisto 1 week ago
I think they're available uh may I have choi san and xu minghao
aesaekki 1 week ago
bae joohyun pretty pls uwu
acuteassmess [A] 1 week ago
♡ finished
babymochi 1 week ago
i'm a simple roleplayer
i see my fool as co-admin, i gotta give this place a chance
shin jiwon for me please
RinYukituji 1 week ago
Chittaphon Leechaiyakul (Ten), please! <3
always 1 week ago
can i get na ungjae?
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