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For 6 millennia, the Lords of Hell were kept asleep in a remote castle by the lullaby, an angels who's song can force people to sleep.
About a century ago the lullaby had enough and stopped Singing. Instantly the lullaby fell from grace and the Lords of Hell awoke. Overnight every place of worship was destroyed and after one week the entire kingdom had been remodelled in hells vision.
One hundred years have passed since that day and the Lords of Hell reign supreme. Where will you fit in this world?

OOC Rules

  1. All orientations, nationalities, and writing styles allowed.
  2. is allowed everywhere
  3. No shaming other people because of uality, kinks, muse chosen, etc
  4. If you don't meet requirements and are kicked from a restricted role (Lord of hell/The Lullaby) you cannot reapply for another restricted role.
  5. Your favourite sin is the password
  6. No face chasing or bubble roleplaying
  7. Reservations last 24 hours and must include what race you want them to be
  8. All muses must be over 18. All characters must be over 18.
  9. Anything goes as long as your partner is okay with it and it keeps on theme.
  10. You must have a profile picture and basic information on your profile (not your wall or status) within 24 hours. You must gain 35 posts within 7 days of joining.
  11. You can start with 2 characters provided you upvote and write a blog post. Each additional character is 50 points from each existing character you own?
  12. Enjoy yourself.


  • Name
  • Age
  • Race - Read Here
  • Role - Read the above
  • uality
  • Time Zone
  • Password


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Mama_Crayon 20 hours ago
Jung Daehyun and Yoo Kihyun had to leave. Didn't want to let myself go inactive or take up characters that someone else could put to better use.
hm, i need a little help: andy blossom, jin mei xin, ateez's san, seonghwa, or wooyoung? akdjsjs
1d34a8a6cad16e2a7c94 1 month ago
Can I be Kim Taehyung?
fallenheart 1 month ago
Could I have Ashley Vee please thanks <3
Mama_Crayon 1 month ago
I did the blog post and was looking to get a second character.
JazzleDazzle 1 month ago
kim jisoo please
Mama_Crayon 1 month ago
May I get Yoo Kihyun?
Throwaway098 1 month ago
Yeri or Kwon Aeji?
[comment deleted by owner]
BooJae- 1 month ago
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