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In The palace.
The lives are scandalous.
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basic info.
In the palace, we live our lifes as royals, nobles and castle workers. We all have our days where we think that if we make the wrong move, then we will lose our heads, or get banned from ever seeing the inside of the castle again. Some of us can't see the outside world again, as we have been locked inside this castle. 
We might not have seen all of the faces of everyone residing in the castle, but even the lowest of people has heard the latest scandels of the lives of the royals or nobles. If you're lucky enough you might be one of the royals, maybe a prince or a princess? Maybe your just a mere cook. No matter your position, you have a place in the castle, and even secrets hiding within it's walls. 
rules & guidlines.
001 // Favoriting the rp is a must, while upvoting is optional but mandatory for a second character.
002 // Please comment down the full name of your muse when reserving  them. 
003 // There is a max limit of 4 characters. You get your second for up-voting, your third after reaching 100 posts with both your first and second characters and your fourth character after being in the roleplay for a month!
004 // I ask that you make one post a week, even if it is just to stop in and say hi in the ic chat room. There well be weekly 'activity checks'
005 // Do not use the ic chat room as your main source of activity, the other rooms were made for a reason, please use them. 
006 // The positions and a mobile friendly version of the rules/app will be listed in the rules page. 
007 // If you are leaving or going on a hiatus, please pm Jinhwan. do not comment down below. 
008 // Hiatus can last up to two weeks. We will check in on you after that. 
009 // ooc drama will not be tolerated here, if reported we will confront everyone involved to try and resolve the issue within 48 hours. if the issue is not resolved the oine(s) causing issues will be removed from the rp. ic drama is okay as long as all parties involved consent to it. 
010 // All orientations, nationalities and Povs are welcome here! 
011 // Please no face-chasing, user-chasing or anything of the sorts. 
012 // Please be kind and friendly to everyone in the rp. If you have too many rps going on and they ask to rp with them, just let them know. Don't ignore newbies. 
013 // The password is a scandal that your character is trying to hide. 
014 // We are really nice people! Promise! So Please join us! 
Kim Jinhwan
Main Admin
Yoon Jeonghan
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Nameex. kim jinhwan
Ageex 24
Orientationex. Biual
Positionex. Royal/Crown Prince
PasswordRead the rules
est. 2017
coded by yxgurt


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guizhong 1 year ago
Taehyung will be leaving, I never used him :/
vronvron 1 year ago
never got around to starting orz, don't wanna hog baekhyun
baekhyun is leaving, orz
0145774f5788b1bbba69 1 year ago
I'm sorry but yongsun left ;; can't manage with ooc life </3
ubebread 1 year ago
sunyoung is leaving!
thank you for having me <3
-Jiimbles 1 year ago
Hello. Question, can I re-apply as Jimin on this account? I had forgotten my password for SuperM ;;
[comment deleted by owner]
1d34a8a6cad16e2a7c94 1 year ago
Can I have Park Jihyo x
0145774f5788b1bbba69 1 year ago
Kim Yongsun please <3
vronvron 1 year ago
Byun Baekhyun please~
Everme29 1 year ago
Elsa Hosk please~
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