Շђє ภєฬ є๓קเгє: Rise of the Vampires

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Hiding in the shadows of the night until their chance came; they waited patiently, for they had the gift of eternal life on their side.
Then finally 25 years ago they struck.
When the human race almost destroyed themselves, they rose from their shadows and enslaved the weakened mortals.
Only one Continent was not completely destroyed. And thus, the Royal bloodlines claimed each a part of the said continent with their shared imperial palace located in St. Petersburg.


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sadistic_child 1 day ago
kwon yechan as second please!!
LoveBerry 2 days ago
kim jongin is inactive, can I get him?
EvilGamegyu 4 days ago
Cho Kyuhyun please
sadistic_child 5 days ago
Ikeda Koichi please!
RoyalBlood 5 days ago
Please cc Yunho to Kim Sehyoon :<
hedxnism 1 week ago
ring a ding ding may I cc Kim Hyojung to Endi Demneri?
BubblegumWitch 1 week ago
Hey there! Can I get Becky G as my second?
Baekdeux 1 week ago
Can I get reito neo
As a fifth? UWU♡
RoyalBlood 1 week ago
Can I please cc Chunghyeop to Lee Donghun? ><
hedxnism 1 week ago
Henlo teehee can I have Hyolyn as a fifth? Take the points from Jaejoong
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